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The Daily Dish Love Without Borders

Where the Love Without Borders Couples Are Today (UPDATED)

See if Danna Richards, Philip Michael Thomas Jr., and the rest of the singles are still dating their international matches.

By Allison Crist

Love Without Borders saw those who had struck out at love in the United States uproot their lives, leave everything behind, and travel to another country to be paired with their "perfect" life partner.

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Get to know the couples below and find out which ones ended up together.

Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta

Daily Dish Love Without Borders Shreyas Mehta Gurleen Virk

Gurleen, a 28-year-old fiercely independent program manager, traveled to Dubai and met Shreyas, a 30-year-old fashion buyer and model who lives with his family. 

The pair ultimately didn't work out and decided to just be friends. Gurleen left Dubai before Love Without Borders wrapped, and as a result, Shreyas was matched with another single named Gabrielle. 

Gurleen, meanwhile, returned for the show's finale to deliver some happy news: "I have been dating someone and she's an amazing person. I'm really happy I found someone that I see myself spending the rest of my life with."

Gabrielle Garcia and Shreyas Mehta

Daily Dish Love Without Borders Shreyas Mehta Gabrielle Garcia

Did these two manage to make it work? Unfortunately not, because Gabby didn't see herself in Dubai long-term, especially if it meant being away from her family.

"This hurts," Shreyas admitted. "I feel like two matches have got here and both didn't work out, but now I realized one thing — I prioritized my partner more than me. And if you're not gonna make yourself a priority and not have enough self-love, nothing's gonna work out. I still feel like they were not the ones and there's someone else lying in the future. And I hope I find love." 

There may still be hope with Gabby, though. In a final departing message, it was revealed that the two remain "very close" and Gabby is even planning to visit Shreyas soon.

Philip Michael Thomas Jr. and Carmen Holzer-Nkrumah

Daily Dish Love Without Borders Phillip Michael Thomas Carmen Holzer Nkrumah

A musician on the rise, Philip had been single for seven months and celibate for four in order to clear his mind and create space for the loving relationship he hoped to create in Ghana with 31-year-old entrepreneur Carmen. 

However, Philip found that they were "not right" for each other. "This experience with Carmen, it didn't really turn out the way that I wanted it to, but it also let me know that love can be anywhere," he said. "And I deserve love — somebody who will put my needs before theirs. And I'm open to seeing where the universe takes me." 

Danna Richards and Brian Dilleen

Daily Dish Love Without Borders Brian Dilleen Danna Richards

Danna, a 38-year-old musician and songwriter, headed to Ireland with the hope that Galway native Brian, a salesman turned chicken and vegetable farmer who’s also 38, was “the one.” 

Unfortunately, he wasn't. Danna ultimately felt that Brian didn't care about her feelings, so the two broke things off. As she concluded, "Even though Brian and I didn't work out, I learned to stand up for myself and trust myself. I will not settle for an unhealthy relationship and I'm really happy I can see that 'cause I think it's gonna help my next relationship, which is hopefully my forever relationship."

Aaron Motacek and Maël Lucas

Daily Dish Love Without Borders What To Know 01

A 31-year-old optometrist, Aaron traded North Dakota for Paris, where 28-year-old Maël, a massage therapist, lived. 

Aaron was ultimately too hesitant to live outside of his comfort zone, though, and he returned home before his visa was even up. "Even though I didn't find love, I realized there was definite value to see how other people live and meet other kinds of people," he said. "This experience has helped me to just be more upfront and honest about my thoughts and feelings and that's something looking forward to bring into my life in the future as well." 

Naeem Thompson and Chandra Chugani

Daily Dish Lwb Chandra Chugani Naeem Thompson

39-year-old social worker Naeem traveled from Houston, Texas to Panama City to hopefully find love — and it turns out, he did! Just not with his match, Chandra. 

Instead, when things didn't work out with her, Naeem took matters into his own hands, and while still in Panama City, he met Ori. The two instantly fell for one another, and it wasn't long before he was down on one knee proposing. And she said yes! "When I boarded the plane to Panama, I had a very wide variety of what my outcome could be," Naeem said while reflecting on his trip. "But to get to this moment, to experience this, this is the best possible outcome for me. I found the love of my life."

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