Meet James Lipton's Furry New Friend!

Meet James Lipton's Furry New Friend!

How the Actors Studio host developed a bond with a capuchin monkey named Georgia.

By Camille Beckles


By now you’ve probably seen the Summer By Bravo spots that have been rolling out over the past few weeks. But what went on behind the cameras may surprise you.

We’re speaking, of course, about James Lipton’s special bond with a primate named Georgia. The capuchin monkey guest-starred in several of the Summer By Bravo spots alongside Lipton. And when the cameras weren’t rolling, the two were developing quite an off-screen friendship. Naturally, Lipton was smitten: "She looks very human. She looks into your eyes and you think she's about to speak to you," he muses in a behind-the-scenes clip, which you can watch below.

Was it difficult working with a monkey on set? Not at all. Lipton notes that Georgia "behaved herself beautifully. She didn't bit me, or wee-wee on me, or do any of the things a monkey might do. And I didn't do any of those things to her."

As an added bonus, we crafted a series of .gifs from the behind-the-scenes video so now you can have them for all eternity.





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