Melissa Gorga and Jay Mohr -- The Twitterversy

Melissa Gorga and Jay Mohr -- The Twitterversy

Melissa Gorga was only joking about getting that bat, Jay!

He tweets, she tweets... By now you've read all the rumors about Melissa Gorga and Jay Mohr's Twitter war. Andy Cohen was on the case however and got to the bottom of this alleged feud at the Jersey reunion. In this exclusive, Melissa explains that everyone was just "tweeting into it" and it really was all in good fun. So don't worry everyone, Melissa was only kidding when she said she was going to "get the bat."

And unlike the RHONJ finale, this story does have a happy ending. The two have messaged each other since the war of the words and made peace. What exactly were these healing tweets they exchanged? According to Melissa she said, "You know I like you," to which Jay responded, "I like you too." We can feel the love.

Get a sneak peek at what you can expect from the reunion HERE.

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