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The Daily Dish Newlyweds: The First Year

Newlyweds' Tina Dismisses Surrogacy Rumors

The new mom opens up about her dramatic early birth to her son Tarzie.

By Tina Sugandh

Newlyweds: The First Year stars Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen welcomed a newborn, "Tarzie," in June. It's the first child for the married couple. And over the next few months, Tina will be sending dispatches about motherhood and sharing them with the Dish: she'll open up about everything from decorating her nursery to little Tarzie's first milestones. Check back for more updates.

You Newlyweds fans already know that after two miscarriages and many, many months of boinky-boink time, Tarz and I finally had a baby! His name is “Tarz Sugandh.” BTW, the reason our baby has my last name is not because of my bossy loud-ass mouth...for once. It was actually Tarz’s suggestion to use my last name as a tribute to the 25 years I spent singing and performing with my family, “The Sugandh Family.”

Anyway, Tarz and I appeared on Watch What Happens Live just two weeks after having baby Tarz (aka “Tarzie”), and after fans saw that I was already back to my pre-pregnancy weight, the “fess up you lying bitch, we know you used a surrogate” emails flooded in!

So I thought I would offer you guys some proof that I did, indeed, grow this kid in my gut. Here’s a pic below of Tarz driving my watermelon-of-a-stomach and I to the hospital after my water shockingly broke out of nowhere six weeks early! (Obviously Tarzie had to follow in his mama’s footsteps by bringing the drama!) I learned something very valuable on that car ride. Note to all future mom’s: Contractions! F---ing! Hurt!Stay with us, Baby!


So as if the 6-week-early drama just was not enough, Tarzie ended up coming into the world via emergency c-section due to a slowed down heart rate from the cord hitting the edge of the placenta..hence the pic of me with an oxygen mask.


As you can see, Tarz was being his smart-ass self and making fun of me in this pic. Which I must say, actually helped a ton to lighten the fear in the atmosphere.

Here’s how it all went down. After a surprisingly successful epidural—I say “surprisingly” because I have metal rods in my back and some of my vertabrae are fused together...just another “fun Tina fact”—Dr. Sawyer carefully monitored Tarzie’s heart rate “ups and downs” until she finally made the call that the baby needed out now.

It suddenly turned into one of those medical dramas, where in a split second it went from just two nurses being in the room to an entire medical staff (I swear they must have crawled down from the ceilings and in through the windows) with everyone yelling “Get me this-and-that stat” and “I need anesthesia now motherf---ers” (Ok, they may not have said motherf---ers, but there was some very passionate and urgent demands being yelled out!)

At this point, I was drugged up and terrified, and Tarz ended up being stuck outside the ER bawling and bawling because he could not stand that I had to go through this alone. So that part sucked majorly. Another note to all future moms: C-sections do not hurt, but it is the most insane amount of pressure you have ever felt in your life, like someone is trying to pull all of your innards of your body with their bare hands. It’s a ride, folks.

I must stop here and say that Tarz and I are eternally grateful to Dr. Sawyer from Loma Linda (who you saw on Newlyweds) for being the most passionate, kind-hearted, and super-cool OBGYN a couple could ever ask for. (This lady will make you wish you could get a pap smear every month). Oh yeah, and we should probably say thanks for saving our baby’s life too. ;)

Now on to the weight loss! So everyone seems wants to know the magic “secret” as to how I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in just two weeks. So, we’ve ruled out surrogacy. I’ve also been accused of something called “pregorexia”? LOL! All I can say is, stay tuned, and I’ll reveal my “secret” in an upcoming blog!

So I’ll leave you with a couple things that have made motherhood a better place to live in and will hopefully help you moms out as well. First, I actually enjoy changing my son’s poopie-diapies now because I just got these sexy and slick Ubbi diaper pails in “Robin’s Egg Blue” and “Hot Blue”. (Yes, I called these poop-cans “sexy”...because they are!) Secondly, we travel a ton and the “Boba Air” Carrier has saved us. It folds up to a small pocketbook size! It’s a huge space-saver and really quick to take on and off if you’re as impatient and frantic as I always am!

More soon, Newlyweds fans! Thank you for being in my life, and feel free to keep in touch! ALL comments are welcome (from compliments to questions to those awesome “you suck” ones). And check out my website

P.S. Tarz has officially joined the Twitter world. They start so young. Sigh.

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