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Ramona Singer's Relationship History: From Mario Singer to a Mystery Man

Here's what the RHONY alum has been up to before and after her 2016 divorce. 

By Megan Carpentier & Talia Ergas
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When Bravo viewers first met Ramona Singer in Season 1 of The Real Housewives of New York City, she was happily married to her husband, Mario Singer, and the couple resided on New York City's Upper East Side with their daughter, Avery (then 12).

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"I have a great relationship with my husband, Mario," Ramona said in the premiere episode, which aired in 2008. "He allows me to be me, number one, and we really enjoy being together. We have lots of fun together."

Still, as RHONY fans well know, Ramona and Mario's marriage didn't last, despite their heartfelt vow renewal in the show's third season. By 2014, they were separated, and their divorce was finalized two years later.

Since then, Ramona — who will appear on Season 5 of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip with her fellow RHONY alums — has enjoyed dating around and even had a few flings with some well-known RHONY gentlemen. Get a recap on Ramona's love life and her current relationship status below.

Ramona Singer married Mario Singer in 1992

Since the moment Mario and Ramona first met, he couldn't stop thinking about her... thong. Ramona recounted the pair's first meeting on the first episode of RHONY.

"It's very funny how I met my husband, Mario. He'd been eyeing me at the gym that I belonged to and he did," she explained. And one night, I'm out with my sister for dinner and we're waiting for our table at the bar. And he comes over and he says, 'Aren't you the girl that wears the black G-string with the green ruffle?' And I said, 'Yes, that's me.'"

The line worked on Ramona, and the two were married in 1992. Their daughter, Avery, was born in 1995.

Ramona and Mario Singer renewed their vows in 2010

Ramona Renewing Her Vows

In RHONY Season 3, Episode 10 (which aired in June of 2010), viewers watched Ramona and Mario renew their vows. “It seems like yesterday we just got married,” Ramona told her husband during the ceremony. “There was also a part of me that was scared that maybe the marriage would not work because so many do not… But I know now today, you are the perfect man for me.”

Ramona and Mario Singer announced their separation in August 2014

Ramona Singer, Mario Singer

In August 2014, Ramona revealed in a statement on her Facebook page that she and Mario were separating. "I have decided to move on with my life without Mario," she wrote at the time. "I tried my best to make my marriage work. I am excited for the new chapter in my life."

The following year, Ramona shared more about what led to the end of their marriage. "It was my success as a celebrity reality star and notoriety that bothered him,” she revealed to People at the time. “If someone said, ‘Can I take a photo with Ramona?’ or interrupted our conversation at dinner, he would get upset… I think he felt that we were no longer a team."

Mario's infidelity played a role, too. “The affair was really a symptom of unhappiness,” she continued. “It’s still betrayal.”

Ramona and Mario Singer’s divorce was finalized in September 2016

Though Ramona and Mario signed their divorce papers in September of 2015, it took over a year for it to be finalized in September 2016.

"We signed off on a divorce agreement last September. Unfortunately, it took the judge over a year to sign off on it due to paperwork glitches. I found out yesterday from my attorney, who sent it to me along with a keychain that says, ‘The divorce is final,'" Ramona told E! News in 2016. "I feel phenomenal. I look better than ever and I'm happier than ever."

Ramona Singer dated Tom D’Agostino

Ramona Singer and Tom Dagostino have a conversation together.

In 2015, RHONY fans were introduced to Tom D’Agostino as Luann de Lesseps’ new man — but prior to that, he had actually gone on some dates with Ramona.

"Excuse me, she dated him after I did," Ramona told Andy Cohen during a May 2016 appearance of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. "So she touched it, not me." (Of course, RHONY fans will remember that Sonja Morgan also had a connection with Tom prior to Luann’s, but that’s another story.)

Still, in July of 2016, Tom clarified in an interview with People that he never felt a strong connection with Ramona. "I don't watch the show, but I get different pieces here and there, and a lot of the stuff I have heard? It's so outlandish to me. In terms of Ramona, we never dated. We went out a couple of times — maybe two or three times to dinner with some friends. There was never any chemistry," he said.

Ramona Singer's Mysterious Boyfriend

Around April 2017, Ramona met a new guy that sparked her interest.

“I was out with a bunch of girls including [Sonja] and he came over to the bar to buy a drink. He saw me and we just hit it off and we’ve been dating ever since!" she told People in an interview published in July 2016. “It’s good — it's all good. A lot of these men that I date have very powerful positions, and I don’t know if it’s the best thing for them to be on the show. But whoever I’m with, I’m very open about on the show and I talk to the women about my relationships and who I’m dating.”

Though Ramona remained mum on the identity of the man, she gave People another update the following month. “He’s a really sweet guy. He makes me softer. He makes me calmer," she said at the time. “He treats me so well!”

Ramona Singer appeared on Love Connection

Ramona appeared on the Love Connection reboot in 2017, which was hosted by Andy Cohen.

After appearing on the show, Ramona told ET: "I definitely met someone I'd like to go out with again, so I think that starts something, right? I don't like to put a jinx on anything, I take every day at a time. But the fact that I'm willing to go out with someone again says a lot."

It took until October of 2018 for Ramona and her love connection to go for a second date. Ramona documented the moment on Instagram, adding the caption: “A reconnect from love connection” with a thumbs-up emoji.

Ramona and Mario Singer remained friendly following their divorce

Would Ramona Singer Ever Rekindle Her Romance with Mario Singer?

Despite the circumstances surrounding their split, Ramona and Mario have been able to keep an amicable relationship — although, perhaps that’s putting it lightly. In RHONY Season 11, which aired in 2019, viewers got to watch a rather flirtatious moment between the exes.

In April 2019, Ramona spoke with The Daily Dish about her feelings towards her ex following their divorce.

"I think it's really important for women not to harbor ill will towards their exes,” she said. “I don't care what they do to you, especially if you share a child. And negative energy creates negative things and I got rid of all that negative energy and I forgave him and we're in a good place. We really are."

Ramona Singer kissed Aviva Drescher’s ex-husband, Harry Dubin

After Show: Was Jackie Surprised About Luann’s Marriage?

There’s something about Harry! “He’s extremely charming and personable and fun to be with,” Ramona has said of Harry Dubin, who is the ex-husband of RHONY alum Aviva Drescher, and has also been linked to Luann and Sonja. “He’s kind-hearted and warm and generous.”

Though in 2017, Ramona said she had never dated Harry and never would, by December 2018 she'd had a change of heart and was caught on camera kissing Harry.

Ramona Singer denied dating Andrew Catapano

In 2019, rumors swirled that Ramona was dating Andrew Catapano. (The contractor made headlines over a decade ago for his high-profile divorce and his fraud trial, which resulted in a 10-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit fraud in connection with several area construction projects.)

Ramona, however, insisted the rumors were false.

“He’s a family friend. Close to me, [daughter] Avery and [ex-husband] Mario," she confirmed to Page Six at the time. "Not a date.” She added that she’s known him for 24 years: “He’s like a brother.”

Ramona and Mario Singer briefly cohabitated during the pandemic

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, Ramona found herself in an unexpected living arrangement: She decided to isolate with her daughter and ex-husband in Florida.

On her Instagram Story at the time, Avery fittingly called the scenario "a plot twist for a quarantining squad,” adding that she was “happy to all be together through this."

Ramona — who said she and Mario maintained a strictly platonic relationship during that time — was finding perks in the arrangement, too. "He's making dinner every night," she was filmed saying on Avery’s Instagram.

Ramona Singer got ghosted

A headshot of Ramona Singer on the 2022 Angel Ball red carpet.

These days, Ramona is unattached and dating around, which she admits comes with some challenges. She tackled the topic on the May 17 episode of Turtle Time, a newly launched podcast series she co-hosts with Avery.

​​“I usually do not tell men I’m on the show until, like, the second or third date,” Ramona revealed on the podcast. “And then a lot of times they find out and they go, ‘You’re a great, great girl, but not for me.’”

She even shared that she had recently been ghosted (sort of). “I went out, I met this guy, we really hit it off, he really liked me… And then, all of a sudden, he just stopped, right? I went on, like, five dates with him and I was really enjoying his company. We were really getting along,” she recalled.

Eventually, she texted the man again and he did respond.

“I said, ‘Oh, by the way, you know, what are you doing Friday night? I’m invited to something, would you like to come with me?’” she shared. “So he did respond and said, ‘Listen, Ramona, you’re a really nice woman, but I found out you’re on that show, and I just cannot be involved with that, so have a great life.”

“I’ve never ghosted someone,” Ramona said. “It’s rude. It’s not kind, it’s rude. And for me to say it’s not kind…”

Ramona Singer's Boyfriend

Ramona Singer in front of the WWHL step and repeat wearing a pink dress.

On the September 27 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Ramona told Andy that she had a new boyfriend.

Andy asked Ramona what her "secret" to looking great was, and she confessed that it was "Being in love."

She didn't identify her new love by name, but she said he was successful and supportive of her being a public figure. 

"He's secure; you need a secure man," she explained.

She added that her daughter Avery "adores him" and that he'd met Mario, who also liked him. 

That said, she added, "Who needs Mario's approval?" 

Originally published Jul 1, 2023.

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