Real Housewives Weigh in on Their SNL Disney Makeover

Real Housewives Weigh in on Their SNL Disney Makeover

"I was DYING!" says RHONY's Ramona Singer.

By Lauren Metz

If you were buzzing about Saturday Night Live's Real Housewives-meets-Disney mashup, you weren't the only one -- the Real Housewives themselves were watching as Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Cinderella moved in on their turf, and they might have been laughing even harder than you.

SNL's spot-on Real Housewives of Disney came complete with tantrums, tears, and terrific intro lines. "I'm the fairest of them all, until you cross me," Snow White warns, while Jasmine adds, "I don't need to rub a lamp to get what I want." Meanwhile, Rapunzel – played by Lindsay Lohan – channeled her inner Camille Grammer, bragging, "I'm out of the tower and into the spotlight," and Kristin Wiig's Cinderella simply boasts, "And I'm a complete f---ing mess."

So, what did the real Real Housewives think of their spoof? "OMG! haha! Disney Housewives," Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards tweeted, while co-star Camille Grammer probably chuckled at the Kelsey Grammer-meets-Beast jab. "Check this out! xo Lindsay Lohan on SNL: Real Housewives of Disney!" she wrote. Likewise, RHONY's Ramona Singer applauded SNL's comedy chops, "Did anyone see this SNL skit on Saturday? I was DYING!"

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