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The Daily Dish Kandi & The Gang

You’ll Never Believe What Kandi Burruss Wants to Do Next

The RHOA cast member and husband Todd Tucker break down what the future holds for her career.

By Jocelyn Vena
Daily Dish Rhoa Kandi Burruss Career

You can try keeping up with Kandi Burruss, but it might be hard. The Kandi & The Gang boss has a busy spring and summer ahead of her. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14 premieres on May 1, and Kandi shared she has some other big projects on the horizon, including several acting gigs, performances with Xscape, and other appearances. "Thank you God for the blessings!" she recently shared on Instagram, adding, "I have more announcements to come!"

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Turns out, that's just the beginning for Kandi, as she teased in a recent interview with The Daily Dish. "My overall dream is that I get the EGOT," she shared. "Meaning I got a Grammy. I need an Emmy, I need an Oscar, I need a Tony. And so it's like [I need to] analyze the Emmy, Oscar, Tony, and figure out what are all the things I can do to qualify me to be recognized for something like that? So I'm working towards those goals. I produced a Broadway show last year [Thoughts of a Colored Man], which I am praying and hoping that they may recognize us for this upcoming Tony season. And I'm still looking at other shows to produce."

She continued, "So it's not like I'm stopping there. I'm gonna continue to put in the work until I get my ultimate goal. But it's like, for me, I'm one of those people. I look at the things people do to give me motivation, [like the] people who have done it. When I go back and look at people who have all four, and I feel like, 'Dang, I've been working at it this long and I only have this one.' Then I go back and look, and it's like, [for] a lot of them it took them 50 years, 60 years to get all of them. So I'm like, OK, well, I guess I'm not too, too far off."

Of course, Kandi's creative and business endeavors have moved far beyond music, but that doesn't mean she doesn't still make time for it. "I definitely want to do more music. But I think it becomes that thing of, like, when do we have time? Half the time I feel like I don't really have time to be creative anymore. I already have a lot of songs, but I decided some of these songs, they're too good to just sit around," she said. "So I actually reached out to a couple people that I'm like, OK, I want to play you some stuff and hopefully record it on you and see what happens."

(At least for now we have the awesome Kandi & The Gang theme song to hold us over...)

Don't You Want to Go…

Kandi has a great support system around her, including her business partners like DonJuan Clark and, of course, her all-around life partner, husband Todd Tucker. And she noted that no matter how big the dream or the roadblock, he's always there to lift her up. "Todd and I, we always encourage each other," she said. "And then the cool thing about Todd is, even when I get disappointed or let down on something, and I'll be like, ugh, like almost about to fall into that slump of feeling like 'forget it,' he's like, 'Get it back together. No, you got this. Come on. You got it, so don't fall into that.' He definitely hypes me up to feel like I can take on the world."

Todd, by the way, also has a cheerleader in Kandi, as he explained when speaking to The Daily Dish. "I think this relationship, this journey has definitely proven that we can do anything. Like, we've done some things that on paper we shouldn't be able to do. Neither one of us have ever owned a restaurant. [People said,] 'You can't open a restaurant. You don't know nothing about it.' Watch this. You know what I mean? We did a play when we first started. What did we do? Licensed it. We filmed the play — it was very successful. Just we've done things that on paper we're not supposed to be able to do it. So why would we start thinking we can't do something? So, that's it."

Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker Give a Tour of the Old Lady Gang Restaurant

Todd pointed out how he and Kandi teamed up and "financed our own tour," the Dungeon Tour. "We took a total negative and made it a positive," Kandi added. "For me, when bad things happen, I think about it creatively [and] it inspires me to do something else."

She added, "You have to flip it."

Well, we can't wait to see what Kandi creates next.

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And mark your calendars, because RHOA Season 14 premieres Sunday, May 1, at 8/7c. Get your first look at the new season by checking out the full trailer below. And catch up on the series on the Bravo app.

Your First Look at The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 14
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