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RHONY 'Diss-Invited' Blog Recap: It's Hard Being a Friendly Housewife

The ladies talk about the Ramona-Sonja blowout and Heather's penchant for chatting.

By Mike Hess

Have you had enough time to shake off that pinot haze and process all of the Real Housewives of New York City madness that took place last night? Hopefully the answer is yes, because the 'Wives themselves sure have -- and they're sounding off about everything you saw.

Whether it was Ramona Singer calling out Heather Thompson about her e-mails or Ramona then throwing down with Sonja Morgan, each of the NY personalities have plenty to say this week about the "Diss-Invited" episode. Check out some choice nuggets below, and be sure to read their full blog posts.

Ramona Rips Heather: Why didn't Heather, at that time when we were having drinks, say "Ramona I have no interest in being with you." Or she could have just had her assistant respond, "Thanks but Heather can't attend," or "Ramona I am going to London and taking everyone but you!" Heather acts one way to my face and another way behind my back ... I realize now I'm not upset about not going to London, but I am very upset that Heather is not being true and forthright toward me. Heather is not communicating to me how she feels about me. I don't like people who play games." Read Her Full Post

You've Got Mail

Heather Retorts: "First, she accuses me of not getting back to her. Moments later, she acknowledges I've responded twice saying I will get back to her. Who can keep up with it!? I was stuck trying to recall the info in my mind (which was an exchange that went on over the course of one week BTW), and I am looking at her in disbelief -- that she would stir the pot again and over nothing! I had just gotten a new Blackberry that day so I could not figure out how to search for the exchange, but ya know what? Who cares? It is not worth it. Note to self: Be sure to tell Shawna to forget about trying to reschedule my original plans. No way am I going to her award ceremony ... I don't hold anything against Ramona, she is just not my cup of tea. I will continue to be friendly and cordial, and we have mutual friends, but it would be disingenuous to invite her on a trip overseas since, as you all can see, we just don't groove. I think in fact, everyone might enjoy a respite from the Ramona-coaster." Read Her Full Post

Sonja's Sad: "That moment with Ramona actually made me cry. Because I know Ramona doesn't really feel that way about me. She was really hurt that she was not included and displaced her anger on me. Not sure why because she doesn't know Heather well but that doesn't change the pain Ramona is feeling. I didn't know she had a miff with Heather either. However Heather has no obligation to invite her regardless of how hurt she feels ... Being friends with Ramona means knowing how she is and how she operates. One has to accept the way that she is or not be in a relationship with her. It doesn't make her a bad person. Rewarding bad behavior doesn't work either. If Ramona rants and raves and tries to control the situation in order to get invited, that doesn't mean Heather has to bow if she is not comfortable sharing her trip abroad. One has to draw boundaries with Ramona. That's why Ramona and I are still good friends and respect each other in the end." Read Her Full Post

Ramona Not Invited

Aviva Drescher's Lunch Regret: "Onto lunch: how embarrassing for me. Ramona puts together a lovely goody bag filled with her skin products and I mock it?!? It was very kind and thoughtful of Ramona to allow us to sample her skin line. I always appreciate ANY gift or gesture no matter what. In this case, my typical gratitude was not captured. At all ... Next, we are all talking about how much Heather talks. We are gossiping. Kind of par for the course given the circumstances!!! Heather was quite verbose at first. The good news is that when we joked about it to Heather, she was able to laugh at herself and join in on the fun. Heather is kind, and wants to make the world a better place. As far as I am concerned, if I don't have to be at a pressing appointment, Heather can talk as much as she wants. She has a lot of good to spread." Read Her Full Post

Carole Radziwill Continues to Be Brilliant-Hysterical: "OK, so first off let's review the cardinal rules of Real Housewives Fight Club. I can trace almost every fight, on every episode, of every Housewife franchise in every city to a breach of one or both of these: 1. Don't Talk Behind My Back. 2. Invite Me To Your Party." Read her Full Post

Which NY 'Wife's blog are you most into these days? Comment your fave and watch a clip from next week's episode


Ovulating, Invitations, and a Princess
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