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Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Which Buffy Stars She'd Shag, Marry, and Kill

The actress had some interesting answers on #WWHL.

By Aimée Lutkin
Sarah Michelle Gellar Plays Shag, Marry, Kills With Her 'Buffy' Costars

Hey, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, here’s a game you have likely spent time playing on your own and with like-minded friends over the last two decades: Shag, Marry, Kill with Angel, Spike, and Xander. The rules of the game are you can only do one of those things to each of those options, and we all probably know exactly what our choices would be. Pretty much the same as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s answers on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday.

In the clip above, a caller asks Sarah Michelle which Buffy character she’d marry, which she’d freak on, and which would get the pointy end of Mr. Pointy.

Obviously, she’d marry Angel, assuming he figured out the whole pesky soul loss thing (married people have sex too). Then she’d shag Spike, as she did many, many times on the show. But when it came to killing Xander, she balked.

“I don't want to kill Xander,” she said.

Host Andy Cohen reminded her of the rules of this mental exercise and she replied, “I don't have to do anything, you can't make me!"

“I can’t make Buffy do anything,” he agreed.

Andy also asked Sarah Michelle about why Anthony Stewart Head and Eliza Dushku didn’t make an appearance in Entertainment Weekly’s 20th anniversary photo spread. The actress explained that Anthony was in a play in London and couldn’t fly in, but they included a giant oil painting of the Watcher watching. About Eliza, she simply said, “I didn't control who—I think there was just so many people.”

Eliza herself tweeted that she just wasn’t asked:

Though Faith is an extremely memorable part of the show, she was never officially a permanent cast member, just a guest star, which may explain her exclusion from the reunion. Or maybe there can only be one Slayer every anniversary generation. We’ll see at the thirtieth.

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