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From Madison & Austen to Naomie & Craig, Shep & Craig Address the Cast’s Dramatic Dynamics with Exes

We also have intel on how Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo really feels about the Southern Charm cast mingling with former flames.

By Jocelyn Vena
Paige DeSorbo Thinks Austen Kroll Wants People to Have a Problem with Craig Conover

Ex marks the spot for all the drama during Season 8 of Southern Charm. Old relationships haunt the Charleston crew as they attempt to make fresh starts in their romantic lives, and as Shep Rose and Craig Conover recently revealed to Bravo Insider, it certainly makes for an interesting dynamic.

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And you can bet Craig’s girlfriend, Summer House cast member Paige DeSorbo, has taken note as she navigates the situation involving Craig and his former flame, Naomie Olindo.

“Charleston is a small town,” Craig said. “It’s an incestuous small town where no matter what’s happening, you’re always around exes. And Paige just laughed at it. She was like, ‘We live in New York, where we don’t see our exes. And if you do, like, it’s weird.’ You’re already used to being around your exes [in Charleston]. Well, you’re never used to it, but you have to deal with it a lot.”

Paige DeSorbo Admits Being Around Naomie Olindo Is "Not the Most Comfortable Thing"

And while the situation involving Craig, Paige, and Naomie has been a hot topic within the Southern Charm crew, Craig was happy to welcome Naomie back to the cast after she returned to Charleston following her breakup with Metul Shah. Yes, even if it meant some drama for him.

“I was a proponent of it... she needed it. But you know, as you’ll see, I don’t think I took into account how often she would be around,” he said. “And yeah, spending time with your ex is just... like, you’re exes for a reason. So I think you’ll start to see some frustration grow when there’s certain things that happen this year where she’s around more and more and more,” he said, noting that “there are some crazy surprises ahead. And then when she starts to be around a lot more, I’m just like ‘This isn’t normal.’ So it takes its toll.”

Shep added, “She brings a lot to the table this year. Wait and see.”

Shep further noted that watching Naomie’s journey as she rebuilds her life following her split this season should prove interesting. “Yeah. I mean, props. Naomie’s life got turned upside down, so that’s an interesting story in and of itself,” he said. “So I’ll be interested to see, to watch the season and see how things unfold.”

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While filming any season, Shep noted that the anxiety of being around those you may have once been involved with can become rather stressful, especially when the cameras are there to document it. “And it’s like this self-fulfilling circle. So, you’re anxious, so you have a little bit to drink. And then you film. And then you’re anxious about what you may or may not have said,” he explained.

Speaking of famous exes within the Southern Charm cast, Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll have already had quite a memorable encounter at Kathryn Dennis’ birthday party. So, do the guys think Austen has officially moved on from his relationship with Madison?

“I would say that he’s officially over Madison, yeah. He’s still affected. I mean, he’s scarred from it,” Shep said, with Craig adding, “Let me say this: His mom and dad are very pleased that he’s moved on. I think he’s got that final step. I think he’s almost there.”

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