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Lindsay Says the Summer House Reunion Will Determine if Danielle Gets Invited to Her Wedding

As such, Andy Cohen needs to “bring his A game,” the Summer House cast member said on WWHL.

By Allison Crist

As Danielle Olivera continues to question Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s relationship on Summer House, the ladies’ friendship remains strained IRL — and it’ll likely stay that way until the Season 7 reunion taping.

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Lindsay revealed as much during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on April 17 after he asked if there was a “way forward” for her and Danielle, especially considering the upcoming reunion. Her response? “I guess we’ll find out there.”

If that doesn’t tell you just how much hinges on the reunion, then perhaps Lindsay’s answer to Andy’s following question will. When asked whether or not Danielle is invited to her and Carl’s wedding, Lindsay said, “I guess we’ll find out after the reunion.”

“Wow, so everything’s riding on the reunion,” Andy responded, prompting Lindsay to tell him, “Yeah, so bring your A game, Andy. Because we’re gonna need you.”

They need him quickly too, as Lindsay previously shared that the wedding is set for this fall. At the time, she also said she was “hopeful” that she and Danielle could hash out their issues before then.

“As far as public[ly] mending our friendship, I think the challenge is that we haven’t really seen each other,” Lindsay added. “From what I’ve heard, she is working through some things in her personal life, and we’re planning a wedding, so I think that just, right now, we’re just on different paths.”

Danielle reacted to the comment a short time later during an exclusive chat with The Daily Dish, explaining, “I mean, it’s awesome to hear her say that, of course. But actions speak louder than words, especially in a public forum.”

She then referenced the “things in her personal life” that Lindsay mentioned, which turned out to be her recent breakup with Robert Sieber. “I’m going through a lot in my life right now, and it would be great to have her,” Danielle said. “But I think I’m going to leave it in her court, because I think I’ve done enough on my end. I’ve said what I needed to say. Time will tell, but I haven’t heard from her, so that, I think, says a lot.”

Danielle doubled down on the assertion on the Mention It All podcast. “Either you’re going to reach out or you’re not. It bothers me that we haven’t gotten to that point yet, of reaching out, especially [with] what’s going on in my personal life with Robert,” Danielle explained. “I thought there was like a hope that maybe she’d be like, ‘Hey, I know we’re not in a good place right now; we’re not speaking, but I just want to let you know that I heard what was going on and I’m here for you.’ Something like that. But no, she’s planning a wedding, so…”

Lindsay, however, said she didn’t reach out because she “wasn’t ready to forgive all the things [Danielle] did and said over [the] summer — where she made it clear she was not in support of my growth [and] happiness.”

“You cannot be a bad friend to someone and then expect them to be a supportive friend back to you,” Lindsay added. “Makes no sense. Sorry.”

Hear more from Lindsay in the below WWHL clip.

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