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The Daily Dish Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Meet the Cast of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Here's everything you want to know about the new Bravo series, Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, and the cast.

By Jocelyn Vena

Get ready to pack your bags for an epic vacation this spring. Summer House: Martha's Vineyard premieres this May and it follows a group of friends as they share their summer together and all the fun and drama that comes with it. Check out the trailer at the top of the post and sneak a peek at the new Bravo series and meet the cast.

How to Watch

Watch Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard on Peacock and the Bravo app.  

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard premieres on May 7 at 9/8c following the Season 15 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Catch all new episodes next day on Peacock. 

Who is in the cast of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard?

The cast includes Nicholas “Nick” Arrington, Jasmine Ellis Cooper, Silas Cooper, Jordan Emanuel, Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, Amir Lancaster, Jason Lyke, Preston Mitchum, Summer Marie Thomas, and Alex Tyree. (There's also a dog in the bunch named Milo!)

Learn more about what each of the cast members, below.

Summer House Marthas Vineyard Season 1 Cast

Nicholas "Nick" Arrington

Summer House Season 1 Nick

From: New York, NY

Social handle: @nickarrington1

Bio: Having been exposed to fashion at a very young age by his mother, Harlemite Nick Arrington is a sports brand manager with a flair for style and a passion for running. When he’s not attending the hottest sporting events in New York City, you can find him styling grooms for their weddings. As a self-proclaimed romantic, he loves hard and has high standards when it comes to dating. He insists that his future wife must be in shape and have a skincare routine that matches his own.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper

Summer House Season 1 Jasmine

From: New York, NY

Social handle: @jasmineelliscooper

Bio: Born in the Midwest and raised in Atlanta, Jasmine Ellis Cooper is a budding screenwriter. She has a polished and poised exterior but is loved for her quirky humor. She met Jordan, Shanice, and Bria while they worked together as Playboy Club bunnies. Upon moving to New York, Jasmine lived out of her car with her best friend, Mariah, and after six months moved into an apartment that she shared with Jason. She recently married the love of her life, Silas, whom she met on Hinge. Jasmine is excited to bring her friends to Martha’s Vineyard where Silas asked her to be his girlfriend the first time they went to the Vineyard together. 

Silas Cooper 

Summer House Season 1 Silas

From: New York, NY

Social handle: @callmecooper_

Bio: A first-generation Liberian American, Silas Cooper currently resides in New York with a hunger for success. He attended Ivy League schools and is a member of prestigious fraternities and organizations. Silas works in finance and when he’s not crunching numbers, he’s an officer in the Army Reserve. Always down for a good time, he has been a regular on the Vineyard for the past seven years. Silas is ready to thrive with his wife, Jasmine, as the new power couple while they go in on a share house with their successful friends.

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Jordan Emanuel 

Summer House Season 1 Jordan

From: New York, NY

Social handle: @jordy_jor

Bio: Jordan Emanuel is an outgoing jack of all trades. After college she posed for Playboy, in which she was the fourth Black Playmate of the Year and the very last. She runs a nonprofit, hosts a podcast, and DJs, all while working on a swim line. Jordan is the life of the party who’s always down to try something new and involves herself in all the drama. She met Jasmine when they were Playboy Club bunnies and considers her to be her sister-cousin. Jordan is a witty, independent woman who loves curating a vibe with music, fashion and food.

Bria Fleming

Summer House Season 1 Bria

From: Germany

Social handle: @Bria.raven

Bio: Fashion entrepreneur Bria Fleming loves the finer things in life and, despite what people believe, works hard to maintain the lifestyle for which she’s accustomed. After her boyfriend swept her off her feet at the Cannes Film Festival, Bria recently moved from New York City to Germany, where he resides. She was in Europe last summer and missed out on the share house, so she vowed to have the time of her life on Martha’s Vineyard this summer with her best friend, Shanice, and the group.

Shanice Henderson

Summer House Season 1 Shanice

From: Phoenix, AZ

Social handle: @shanicehenderson_

Bio: As the quintessential party girl, Shanice Henderson loves to have fun and knows the hottest spots in town. She’s very close with Bria as they were Playboy Club bunnies together back in the day along with Jordan and Jasmine. She has extremely high standards when it comes to dating — men must be tall and athletic. While she’s healing from her last relationship and working through attachment issues, Shanice is ready to meet her future husband this summer.

Amir Lancaster 

Summer House Season 1 Amir

From: Austin, Texas

Social handle: @_amirlancaster_

Bio: A Texas native and up-and-coming real estate tycoon, Amir Lancaster is looking forward to spending his first summer on Martha’s Vineyard surrounded by Black culture. Amir is biracial with Black and Lebanese roots. He was raised by his Lebanese family and is on a mission to connect with his African-American heritage. When Nick invited him out to Martha’s Vineyard, he jumped on the opportunity. With a dating life full of different flavors of the week, Amir is ready to put in the work and find the one worth bringing home to his mom, with whom he is extremely close.

Jason Lyke

Summer House Season 1 Jason

From: New York, NY

Social handle: @jdlyke

Bio: When he’s not serving celebrity clients as a senior flight attendant for one of the top airlines, Jason Lyke is preoccupied with dancing, socializing, and being the life of the party. He’s an entrepreneur with projects such as skin care and beard oils. Born and raised in Chicago, he has a vigorous work ethic and knows how to put his game face on and not let trauma define him. Jason is very close to Jasmine as they were roommates when she met Silas. While he tends to be the counselor for his friend group, he often finds himself at the center of the drama. 

Preston Mitchum 

Summer House Season 1 Preston 0

From: Washington, D.C.

Social handle: @preston.mitchum

Bio: An attorney by day and a social butterfly by night, Preston Mitchum truly makes time for it all. As a former prom king, he has an extensive resume that doesn’t end at attorney: He’s an activist and adjunct professor, and has appeared in cable news shows as a contributor. He’s also been published across countless media outlets for his political and legal expertise. Preston has been to the Vineyard and considers it one of the most amazing and beautiful places that he has ever seen. Although he will miss Donald, his partner of two years, he’s excited to spend the summer on the Vineyard with Jasmine and his beloved fraternity brother Silas.

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Summer Marie Thomas

Summer House Season 1 Summer

From: Los Angeles, CA

Social handle: @summermariethomas

Bio: Summer Marie Thomas is a force to be reckoned with, and when she walks into a room, all heads turn.
She comes from a Jamaican family but was raised in Pasadena, Calif. Summer’s love of writing brought her to Sundance in 2019 where she met Jasmine, and the two have been friends ever since. As Summer pursues a career in screenwriting, she is currently a production coordinator for a boutique production company in Los Angeles while she films and pitches out her first script. She’s in need of a vacation and is looking forward to experiencing the Black excellence of the Vineyard for the first time.

Alex Tyree

Summer House Season 1 Alex

Social handle: @alextyree

Bio: An artist, creative director and music curator, Alex Tyree is all about enjoying life and credits his success to his daily disciplines of journaling and meditation. He and Jasmine are friends from their days as creatives in the Brooklyn circle, and he’s fraternity brothers with Nick. As a preacher’s kid, Alex grew up in a religiously sheltered environment, which led him to explore beyond those bounds at a later age. He’s now looking to be as real as he can with a romantic partner. To him, looks are not everything, and he craves a deep connection.

More About the Housemates of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard

Learn more about the cast's dynamics, via the press release, below.

Fresh off their summer wedding, Jasmine (New York) and Silas (New York) Cooper have invited a group of friends—some old and some new—to vacation with them in Martha’s Vineyard and are now trying to figure things out in a house full of hot, successful urban professionals.

Amir Lancaster (Austin), new to Martha’s Vineyard and looking to learn about its Black history and connect to his roots, falls hard for a housemate.

Jordan Emanuel (New York) has been friends with Jasmine since their Playboy Bunny days and still loves to have a good time with her—maybe too good of a time for Silas’ tastes.

Preston Mitchum (Washington, DC), a Black queer activist who likes to speak his mind about a variety of things, is excited to spend time with his fraternity brother Silas and the group.

Fashionista Bria Fleming (Germany) is in a new relationship despite being surrounded by eligible men, but when she brings a different kind of houseguest to the rental, her friendships are sorely tested.

Alex Tyree (New York), who lives a life of intention without drinking and tries to persuade his friends to do the same, is juggling the advances of a housemate.

Quintessential party girl Shanice Henderson (Phoenix) is ready to turn-up this summer, but when she finds out someone in the house is spreading rumors about her past, things go left.

Jason Lyke (New York) is the counselor for the group but often finds himself at the center of the drama.

Discovering Martha’s Vineyard for the first time, Summer Marie Thomas (Los Angeles) intends to have the best possible time while getting her flirt on.

Nicholas “Nick” Arrington (New York), a self-proclaimed style savant who has an outfit ready for every outing, competes with Amir for a housemate’s affection.

Mariah Torres met Jasmine in college and is also close with several members of the group. She’s looking forward to spending the summer with her friends, but things become heated in the house after an argument gets out of hand.

Watch Summer House on Peacock and the Bravo app.

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