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There’s a New Development in the Gabby Prescod and Ciara Miller Saga

Will the Summer House roomies ever be able to form a friendship?

By Allison Crist

Gabby Prescod was introduced to the Summer House crew through her friendship with Paige DeSorbo, and while she has hit it off with most of her new roomies, there’s one person in particular that she just can’t seem to form a connection with: Ciara Miller.

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So Gabby attempted to figure out why during a dinner out with the rest of the Summer House ladies — including Lindsay HubbardDanielle Olivera, Amanda BatulaMya Allen, and Samantha Feher — on the show’s April 3 episode. Turning to Ciara, Gabby said, “I’m by nature a very honest person like you, and [we] have not had a moment where we sit one on one and have a conversation, so I don’t really know where I stand [with you].”

Gabby added that Ciara seems “very guarded” and seemingly has a tendency to “stick to [her] established friendships” rather than making new ones.

Ciara, however, said, “I also kind of feel like you weren’t necessarily trying to get to know me either.”

“And I do feel like some of the questions that we would ask, I just felt like things were always kind of surface level with you,” she continued. “And sometimes your surface-level answers just kind of come off as a little arrogant, so I have a hard time relating to that, but I want to have one-on-one conversations with you. I want to know who you are, but, like, on a deeper level.”

At that point, Gabby had mixed feelings. As she put it in a confessional, “I work really hard to be sure of myself. And I feel like after stumbling for a while, after getting cheated on and having a disastrous breakup, but then also getting fired last year too, I might be overcorrecting, but if it comes across as arrogant, I’m not sorry, because I’m not going to sacrifice the way I feel about myself to make you more comfortable.”

The conversation between the two was the first time Ciara shared her concerns with Gabby, but Ciara had previously accused Gabby of being “surface level” when talking to Mya, who in turn agreed. Gabby wasn’t aware of the chatter at the time, but after the episode aired, she told ET she was “disappointed” to hear what the pair had said about her.

“I watched that play out with everybody else, and I mean, no one likes to hear that they’re being talked about, but then also seeing it happen in real time with everybody else is also just like not a great feeling,” Gabby added. “I will say that it made me, like, a little bit disappointed, just because I do feel like at that point in the summer, I had started building actual friendships with people.”

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