Ted Williams' "Golden" Pipes Inspire Taylor Armstrong

Ted Williams' "Golden" Pipes Inspire Taylor Armstrong

The 'Wife calls the YouTube phenom a symbol for everyone fighting addiction.

By Lauren Metz

Unless you have only just this hour awoken from a week-long Rip Van Winkle-style slumber, you've heard Ted Williams' "golden" radio voice, and the remarkable journey that took him from panhandling on the side of an Ohio freeway to work with Kraft Foods, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and others.

Alcohol and drug addiction had left Ted destitute and homeless, but thanks to second chances (and YouTube), his life is back on track. Millions were touched by his story, but the tale hit especially close to home for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong, co-owner of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center, which helps people fight their addictions.

"You know what struck me? That, like everyone else who loses his or her way, there's a family that has also [been] affected by his addiction, and one that can now celebrate with him," Taylor blogged on the Center's site. "Williams cried about how happy he is that his 90-year-old mother has lived long enough to see him come back. He couldn't wait to see her."

Taylor's hoping that Ted's moment in the media spotlight will bring much-needed attention to homelessness and addiction. "Many homeless people have lost their jobs and their homes because of drugs and alcohol," she writes. "And as Ted has shown us, he's part of a family. He's someone's child, and he has children himself. He's a symbol for everyone — that there is a way back."

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