Teresa Giudice: My Brother Crossed the Line

Teresa Giudice: My Brother Crossed the Line

The 'RHONJ' star reflects on her showdown with Joe Gorga at the gym.

By Nicki Gostin

"When the going gets tough," Joe Gorga admitted on Sunday's epsiode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, "Teresa gets going."

No kidding: the estranged siblings had an epic showdown at the gym, which caused Teresa Giudice to throw water, flip a trashcan and storm out after Joe insulted her husband's parenting.

"For my brother to bring that up is so f--king low, insinuating that my husband is not a good father to my children, or a good husband to me," she said.

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Now that time has passed from their emotional showdown, Teresa has reflected on the incident. But she still thinks her brother's attack was unnecessary. "I don't understand how he could even say half the things that came out of his mouth, directly to my face, in public in front of America," she writes in her latest blog post. "I get it that in the heat of the moment people who have deep feelings for each other know how to hurt each other the most, but still, there are lines you don't cross. When Joey started talking about my husband's parenting, that was it for me. He crossed the line and was out of line.

For her part, Joe's wife Melissa Gorga believes that Teresa is the one who escalated things unnecessarily. "Joe stayed calm and just threw a little shade back at Teresa," she writes in her blog. "And she freaked out, threw water, flipped a trash can and stormed out. He gave her a taste of her own medicine, and she did not like it."

Do you think Joe was out of line? Or did Teresa overreact? Tell us in the comments.

Teresa and Joe Face Off at the Gym

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