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The Best Real Housewives Quotes: "Name 'Em," "Be Cool," & More, Now on Merch

The most unforgettable quips from The Real Housewives are now available on shirts, mugs, stickers, and more. 

By Sophy Ziss
Can Kyle Richards Name All the Times Sutton Stracke Has "Lost Her Sh*t"?

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Some quotes from The Real Housewives are immortal. The fans know it, Housewives cast members know it, and we at Bravo definitely know it. That's just one reason why we put them on clothing and home essentials: To help them live on in all their iconic glory.

Below, we dive into some of the best quotes from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Real Housewives of New York City, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of Potomac, and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Oh, and of course there's merch for each quote you can shop right now. 

"Name 'em" - Sutton Stracke, RHOBH

Full length of Sutton Stracke wearing a full length white gown.

Need a "name 'em" quote refresher? During Season 13Episode 4, Sutton invited Kyle Richards over for a girl-talk sesh that quickly became heated. When Kyle observed that Sutton has "a habit of losing [her] sh-t in ridiculous circumstances," Sutton asked Kyle to "name 'em." Repeatedly.

Kyle tried to "name 'em," but from the moment she started to speak, Sutton cut her off with two now-iconic words: Name 'em. 

"I'm trying to," Kyle said, adding "will you let me talk?" To viewers' delight, Sutton continued to interrupt with "name 'em." So, of course, we put it on merch.

"Receipts! Proof! Timeline! Screenshots!" - Heather Gay, RHOSLC

Heather in a one shoulder, tea length, baby blue dress in front of a gradient background.

Heather's Bermuda beach revelation transcended the Bravo hall of fame: It was read directly into the Congressional Record by a Bravo-loving representative. How did that end up happening? Well, it's a doozy.

Armed with an arsenal of information that she'd been quietly putting together throughout the season, Heather stood up at the cast's last vacation dinner and confronted Monica Garcia about her supposed involvement in an Instagram account. Not just any account, either; one that had been posting content about the Housewives since RHOSLC premiered back in 2020. At this point, Heather had, and say it with us now: Receipts! Proof! Timeline! Screenshots! F-cking everything she needed to back up her claim.

No one stuck around for dessert, but the cherry on top is the merch we made as a result.

"Be cool" - Luann de Lesseps, RHONY

Luann De Lesseps of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip RHONY legacy in front of an ocean view backdrop.

If you only know one of Luann's many memorable quotes, it's likely from RHONY Season 7, Episode 15, better known as "Don't Be All, Like, Uncool" (for good reason).

Here's how it happened: While vacationing in Turks and Caicos with fellow cast members, Luann stayed out later than most. The next morning, some of the ladies were surprised to find she brought a guest back with her.

When Heather Thomson woke up and discovered a naked man in the room next to hers, she confronted Luann about it. In response, Luann delivered a line that would live forever: "Be cool. Don't be all like, uncool." 

"Your husband's in the pool!" - Margaret Josephs, RHONJ

Margaret Josephs wearing a purple gown in front of a carnival backdrop.

Whose husband is in the pool? Why? And who pushed him?

If your RHONJ Season 9 finale memories are fuzzy, we'll help you out. After a conversation between Marty Caffrey (then married to Danielle Staub) and Joe Benigno got tense — and not for the first time that season — Margaret Josephs decided she'd heard enough of Marty's opinions for the evening, and pushed him into Jennifer Aydin's pool.

While viewers might have been shocked by it, Margaret acted like it was no big deal, and that is when things escalated. 

"Your husband's in the pool," Margaret casually mentioned as she passed by Danielle on her way back inside the Aydin house. "What?" Danielle replied. "Who threw my husband in the pool?" 

"Me and my husband," Margaret answered, breezing back into the house. How did she do something so dramatic but also act so chill about it? This mystery is enough to make this a favorite quote for life.

"Not well, bitch!" - Dorinda Medley, RHONY

Dorinda Medley of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip RHONY legacy in front of an ocean view backdrop.

Of all the Dorindaisms, one stands out above the rest: Her incredible answer to "How are you?" in Season 9, Episode 4 of RHONY.

When asked by Candace Bushnell (yes, the author of Sex and The City) how she was doing at a dinner party — one admittedly full of tension between Dorinda and Sonja Morgan — Dorinda didn't hold back.

"I'll tell you how I'm doing," she announced. "Not well, bitch!"

Brief, hilarious, and perfect, it's a phrase that's basically never stopped going viral since. In 2017, Dorinda explained the moment to Bravo, offering more backstory, but it's still just as good without any context.

"Rumors and nastiness" - Meredith Marks, RHOSLC

Meredith in a baby blue, silk, blazer in front of a gradient background.

Do you want to go there? Do you want to recap a quote that stands out, even in a season that brought us hits like Angie Katsanevas' giant sunglasses and a guy who was definitely not security? Great! So do we.

The relationship between Meredith and Angie had grown tense well before Whitney Rose secretly invited her to Meredith's Palm Springs getaway. During that trip, the cast members went out to dinner —  after dressing each other up in costumes for fun —  and the conversation escalated to the point where Meredith left the restaurant. When Lisa Barlow followed to check on her, history was made.

Lisa's attempts to reassure Meredith were met with a now-legendary Housewives line: "If I want to go for the jugular, and talk about this sh-t," Meredith said, gesturing at the restaurant, "the rumors and nastiness about her...You know what? You want me to go there with her husband? I can go there!"

Put together the dramatic way she said it with the return of Meredith's put-on accent, and you have a quote to remember.

"Go count some letters..." - Candiace Dillard Bassett, RHOP

Candiace Dillard wearing a gold body suit and a long pink shawl in a garden.

Candiace. Just, Candiace. She's amazing. And when she comes up with an idea, she commits to it. Here, it was in the form of an extended Sesame Street metaphor.

She didn't just want to not hang out with Deborah Williams, then a friend of Ashley Darby; in a confessional, she made it clear that she could not understand why Ashley would even want her to. Also, she kept referring to Deborah as "Sesame Street," implying that she saw Deborah as a Sesame Street character. Why? Because Candiace, that's why.

As Candiace explained to the camera, she didn't think that Deborah belonged at the club. Instead, she recommended that Ashley's friend "go count some letters and some numbers. Go do your ABCs. Read a book to a child." 

"Love bubble" - Teresa Giudice, RHONJ

Teresa Giudice wearing a blue gown in front of a carnival backdrop.

In the beginning of her relationship with Luis "Louie" Ruelas, fans saw that Teresa was hesitant to use the word "love" too soon. 

These days, she's been using "love" more than ever, especially to refer to the "love bubble" that she's in with her husband of two years. Now, life is a love bubble! She's in a love bubble. Maybe you're in her love bubble. Don't pop her love bubble!

We'd never. But we'd definitely put the phrase on merch for you to share with everyone in your love bubble.

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