This Futuristic Yacht Is About to Redefine Luxury at Sea

This Futuristic Yacht Is About to Redefine Luxury at Sea

"The Kraken" is 200 feet long with a helipad and beach club.

If Below Deck has you dreaming of yacht life, the plans for this gargantuan luxury yacht that is in the works will give you some jaw-dropping daydreaming fodder.

Dubbed "The Kraken" for its monstrous size (it's 200 feet long) and imaginative design, this conceptual yacht features four decks, a glitzy spiral staircase, a glamorous reception area, a designated space for a helipad, a chic beach club area, an owner’s lounge with a skylight view, and ample accommodations — including overnight quarters for 12 and space for 200.  

The Kraken is laid out like a catamaran and is rich in details. It’s so expansive in size and overall marvel factor that the designer behind the concept — Eduard Gray of Gray Design, located in Sweden — describes The Kraken as “a light-hearted design study” on its website.

Gray’s vision is complete with chrome finish and red detailing, but it’s fair to say that were someone to commission the construction of The Kraken, it could be adorned in far more than just chrome and red. Want a Kraken in gold glitter, teal, and purple? You’re the boss. If you can afford a super yacht like this — an actual mansion of the sea — you can afford to demand whatever color schemes you like.

That goes for the matching car designed by Gray as well, the Vapour GT (think: Batmobile).  

That the car and boat match is no accident. 

Bravo chatted with Gray via email and asked him what inspired his design. He said, “The idea was to do something radical and we used the Vapour GT design that we had previously completed as a starting point for the design language for the yacht.”

This yacht concept wasn’t just thought-up for its looks, either. The proposed boat would be expected to reach top speeds of around 35 knots. If these designs are ever brought to life, this boat and all of its bling will surely be the subject of all nautical envy. But how likely is it that a design like The Kraken might come to fruition? 

“Rather unlikely,” says Gray. “Although it might lead to commissioning a new design for a client.”

While Gray’s pragmatic thinking is respectable, we’d prefer to believe that The Kraken will exist in real life one day. In fact, we're already planning our nautical wardrobes!


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