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Tracy Tutor Just Shared the Most Exciting Updates on Her Relationship with Erik Anderson

The MDLLA broker reflects on her past, present, and future as she reveals what's next for the couple.

By Laura Rosenfeld
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After about two years of dating, Tracy Tutor and her boyfriend, Erik Anderson, have already been through a lot together. He's met her ex-husband, Jason Maltas, and her teen daughters, Juliet and Scarlett. They've lived under the same roof. Oh, and they've been through a whole pandemic together.

So, if you're like us, you may now be wondering, what's next for Tracy and Erik? But the Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles broker actually isn't thinking that far ahead. "I am not looking 20 years down the road anymore. I don’t need to," Tracy shared during an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider in October. "I have two beautiful girls, who I absolutely adore. I was married and with my ex-husband for 18 years. I have a good relationship with him now, and you know? I’m in a healthy and good relationship for me. And that’s really all that matters."

For now, Tracy said that she is just focusing on all the good things in her life. "I’m not thinking about, 'Am I gonna have children with him?' I’m just, I’m living in today," she said. "And I find that when I live in today, it prevents all that negativity."

Some of that "negativity" comes from social media, which Tracy said can cause comparisons to others and make you feel insecure. "Every day, you wake up, you have thoughts, you look at Instagram, and how are people, you know, viewing you? How do you view yourself?" she said. "And it’s like, all this, like, minutiae. And the truth is, when you push all of that s--t out, you just try to live your truth and live in the moment and not think about what’s happening, you know, in five years from now or even 10. I find that’s when you are the happiest."

As someone who lives her life in the public eye, Tracy has experience with haters, especially when it comes to those who point out the 20-year age difference between her and Erik. However, Tracy isn't ignoring the criticism but speaking out about it, opening up to Maria Shriver on TODAY in September, along with her boyfriend and two other couples, about the benefits of women dating younger men and the double standard that comes with it.

"That’s really the problem with how society is viewing, you know, dating younger men or [Erik], you know, dating an older woman. What does he quote unquote bring to the table because I’m the financial breadwinner?" Tracy recalled one part of the conversation during her interview with Bravo Insider. "Well, the fact that you’re even asking that question is a part of, like, the shift that is the problem. Like, we never ask that question, if a man is making more money than the woman."

Tracy also cited a study by the Kinsey Institute mentioned in that TODAY segment that found that "older women and younger men partners report the highest level of satisfaction of any kind of couple." "It just, it clicked for me. It's because of the things, like the way that he looks at life," Tracy said of Erik. "He’s sort of get up and go at it, and he doesn’t have any baggage of a divorce or all this, like, bulls--t."

Though it wasn't easy for Tracy to get to this place of being able to tune out the noise and focus on the present, she's now definitely feeling the impact — and it feels so good. "Yeah, there’s less tears in my life. There’s, you know, less anxiety. I handle confrontation differently. And I think it’s because I’m just ultimately in a healthier place organically, just from coming out of my divorce and selling my house and moving onto the next chapter," she reflected. "I think the transition was challenging, and then, you know, it’s like I’ve arrived, right? And I’ve embraced the simplicity of where I am. Not gonna challenge it, question [it]. So, enjoy it."

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— Reporting by Abby Feiner

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