Watch 'Last Chance Kitchen' Right Now

Watch 'Last Chance Kitchen' Right Now

The lifeline for elimnated Top Chef contestants makes its return.

By Mike Hess

They might say revenge is a dish served cold, but whoever "they" are clearly never thought about competing in Last Chance Kitchen where a hot plate of food could get eliminated Top Chef contenders back into the competition.

The Emmy-nominated web series is back with a bang, as the first four eliminated cheftestants were given the news that LCK would be their lifeline back into the competition. It's simple: The four are pitted against one-another, and whoever wins the week's competition continues in Last Chance Kitchen to compete again next week against that episode's eliminated chef. The last one standing at the end of the season will head back into the Chef competition for the finale. Those are some big stakes.

Watch the first episode above, and stay tuned today for a new twist thrown into the Top Chef mix!
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