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The Daily Dish Ladies of London

After Ladies of London and Divorce, Caroline Stanbury's Life Is Just Getting Started

She's ready for a "no holds barred" discussion about life in her upcoming According to Caroline Live tour.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Caroline Stanbury Single Life Divorce

You know the phrase "living your best life"? We don't know exactly who coined the term, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was inspired by Caroline Stanbury. With a handsome husband, three adorable children, and tons of amazing friends, the gorgeous, hilarious, and jet-setting Ladies of London alum seemed to have it all.

But then everything changed for Caroline. She went public with her and husband Cem Habib's decision to end their marriage after 17 years in a post on Instagram on December 26. 

Now Caroline is ready to share what's in store for her next act and empower other women to make their own dreams come true in her According to Caroline Live tour coming to the Gramercy Theatre in New York City on April 7 and City Winery in Chicago on April 8 (get more info and purchase tickets here). Caroline, who will be joined by Dr. Kat Cohen, the founder and CEO of IvyWise, and life coach Elizabeth Pearson at each of the tour stops, promises a "no holds barred" conversation on "all the fun, juicy stuff" you'd chat with your girlfriends about, she told The Daily Dish during a phone interview earlier this week.

"I think we get so stuck in what we think our lives should look like. We’re not very good at rolling with the punches," Caroline said. "I’ll talk about life after divorce, finding who you love, looking for love, all that kind of stuff in today’s world. I think women get scared of stuff and stay in marriages far too long because they think that there is no life after having kids and doing all of this kind of stuff, and I want to show them that life is just the beginning, really."

Not only will Caroline be opening up about her recent personal issues like never before during the tour, she will also be doing so in front of hundreds of people at each stop. It's the first time Caroline has ever done anything like this.

"That’s really different for me because I’m English, and it’s something we are so not told to do — and especially in this way. I’ve never done it at capacity like I’m doing at the Gramercy Theatre [which seats nearly 500 people]," Caroline said. "Any time you get on stage and take such a step, it’s so nerve-wracking. But as we say, nothing good comes out of a comfort zone. So, I’m up for it."

But that doesn't mean Caroline is going to be holding anything back during the show. "I’m really, really open. I think that’s what According to Caroline really is about. I think people are scared to ask questions or to put themselves out there and say, 'I have these feelings.' They’re unhappy at work, they’re unhappy in their love life, they’re unhappy with how they are at parenting. Any of these things, and people find it hard to express themselves," Caroline told The Daily Dish. "I have lost businesses, I have had public failure, I have had all of these things happen to me, but I’ve gotten back up and I’m still standing and I’m still happy. In fact, I’m happier than I’ve ever been in a long time."

Caroline said that she hopes fans of Ladies of London get to know her through this tour even more than they did from watching the show. "I’ve had such a good response since I’ve been off the show, and I think people have really, really been missing Ladies of London," she shared. "[The tour is], I guess, more of our personal lives and also seeing that we do struggle, we do fail — we get back up, too."

There will be some familiar faces in the audience from Ladies of London and Bravo as well, including Luke Henderson, who will be doing Caroline's hair and makeup before she gets on stage, and her friend Dorinda Medley. "I’ll pull her onstage which’ll be great, having her as support," Caroline said. "It’s fun to see everyone, and I think everyone’s gonna up for a laugh."

Since Ladies of London, Caroline has started a new life in Dubai, where she moved at the end of Season 3. However, Caroline said she is now considering another move as she figures out what the future holds.

She has also been busy working with various brands in the hospitality, beauty, and lifestyle industries as she continues to build her brand in the Middle East. "I’m just so busy over here, it’s crazy," Caroline said. "Who knew my career would be better than it was in my 30s?"

Caroline isn't ruling out a future return to TV, either. "If I got the right project, I’d love to return to TV," she said. "I’d love to do sort of home shows, travel shows."

She certainly wouldn't mind hanging out with the ladies on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or The Real Housewives of New York City. "I know all the girls on Beverly Hills who are on, New York, so I would definitely consider joining one of them," she said. "It’s with friends, and it’s different. It’s just a different group of girls. It’d be a different dynamic, and I’m definitely ready to go unstop my heels and walk through something like that. I feel strong enough now."

Caroline is also now ready to go after everything she wants out of life. "I’m going to travel more. I went to Peru. I’m doing my bucket list, basically. That’s Peru last year. This year, I’m doing Japan and Papua New Guinea with girlfriends," Caroline said of her hopes for the future. "I want to fall in love — and please, God, young and hot. The things that were important to me back then aren’t important to me now. I just really want to find my partner. He’s somewhere. I’ll spend more time with my friends. I’m going to Mykonos in the summer. Connect with my kids on my own. As me. Spend more time with them. And really focus on my work now because it’s my time to do this."

Right now, Caroline has two stops planned for her tour, but she said she's hoping to do more shows in the future in order to inspire more people to take charge of their lives, just like she is.

"I’m hoping people come away with the show that they understand that life is now. It’s happening right now and that you definitely get out what you put in. And that anything is possible to anyone," she said. "I think people stay so stuck because they’re scared. They’re just scared to take the next step. Even I could’ve stayed exactly where I was and had a perfectly nice, zen life. But sometimes, you just have to leave. It's what I did when I did Ladies of London and what I’ve always done. When things get too comfortable, I go, next. We used to die at 50. We’re now living to 98. I’m 43 — I’m not even halfway through."

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