What's in Lea Black's Purse?

What's in Lea Black's Purse?

Amy Sedaris pillages her possessions on WWHL.

Amy Sedaris has earned a reputation as a no-holds-barred, unpredictable comedian, so it was anybody's guess what she would do when she visited Watch What Happens Live last night. Turns out one of the best moments happened when she turned the tables on Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black. Ever wanted to know what she totes around in her purse? Now you have your answer!

Sedaris jokingly offered to pillage the Housewife's little black clutch, and while most fans of the show might think she would have declined, she was actually game. Not surprisingly, Lea was toting many items you'd expect: a receipt for dinner (she's a good tipper!), a black AmEx, and makeup. But there were a few shockers: two cell phones, a gift card worth $1000 and…dope?

Watch Amy Sedaris go through Lea Black's purse and tell us: are you surprised by any of the contents?


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