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Why Paige DeSorbo Missed the Jamaica Trip Planned by Craig Conover

Paige told Craig it would be "very irresponsible" to attend the getaway with him and his Southern Charm castmates. 

By Joshua Espinoza
Craig Conover Reveals Paige DeSorbo’s Favorite Southern Charm Men

Craig Conover isn’t afraid to admit he can sometimes get ahead of himself.

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This was proven during the most recent episode of Southern Charm, which followed him and his friends embarking on a tropical getaway. Although one doesn’t need an excuse for some beachside fun and relaxation, Craig had organized the trip with a sweet main goal: He wanted his Charleston pals to get more acquainted with his Summer House girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo.

The November 30 episode began with several Southern Charm-ers expressing excitement over the three-day vacation as well as the opportunity to hang out with Paige. However, there was one big problem: Craig didn’t invite Paige until after everyone began making travel plans. 

“I thought if you came to Jamaica with me and all the crazy cats of Charleston, it’d be fun for you to get to spend time with the group, get to know everyone a little better,” he told his longtime partner over FaceTime.

Paige, who is based in New York City, said she was sure the trip “would be a heck of a time,” but unfortunately declined the invitation. 

Paige DeSorbo skips Craig Conover's trip for work

“Work-wise, I will say it would be very irresponsible of me to just pick up and go to Jamaica for three days,” she told Craig. “Are you sad? Are you mad?”

The Southern Charm-er pointed out that Paige had expressed interest in expanding her circle and developing friendships in South Carolina, but the influencer/fashion writer made it clear that it simply wasn’t a good time.

“No, I want to!” she reassured Craig. “I do wanna hang out, but I mean I really just can’t do that right now.”

Craig was understanding and told Paige he would miss her.

“Heck, yeah, you are,” she responded.

Craig owned up to the little flub in an episode interview, saying he should've been more thoughtful when planning the trip.

“I’m more of a big-picture guy, you know,” he explained. “I probably should’ve checked with Paige before scheduling the ‘Get to Know Paige’ trip and inviting all my friends to Jamaica.”

Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith on Paige DeSorbo Being MIA

Is Jarrett Thomas Now Putting the Moves on Taylor Ann Green?

Paige’s absence will be further addressed in the Summer Charm December 7 episode, when Shep Rose compares the Summer House cast member to his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green. In a newly released sneak peek, Shep and Whitney Sudler-Smith discuss the group drama and also Paige skipping the trip.

“Just pump the breaks. Deep breath,” Shep said about Taylor's dynamics in the group. “It’s time to be more like Paige, you know.”

“The whole purpose of this trip was to introduce us to [Paige] properly, hang out, and see how [Craig’s] friends integrate with her,” Whitney said. “She blew him off, it seems like.”

Shep agreed: “She should be here. I don’t have faith in any relationships anymore.”

Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo's Long-Distance Relationship

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover pose together in front of a nutcracker wallpaper at BravoCon 2023.

Craig and Paige have been in a long-distance relationship since 2021 and have discussed the possibility of cohabitating on a full-time basis. Paige has said that the thought of moving to Charleston was “scary” for her, as she would be leaving so much behind.

“I will be changing a lot more than you would be. I will be changing my whole life,” Paige told Craig in Summer House Season 7 Episode 9. “I have no friends in Charleston, I don’t know anyone, and my whole career is there [in New York].”

Since then, Paige has more and more close with Craig’s Southern Charm castmate, Madison LeCroy, whom she described as her “favorite blond.”

Madison also shared some kind words for Paige during a 2022 Amazon Live broadcast, saying she was a “huge fan” of the Giggly Squad co-host.

“Love Paige,” Madison told the viewers. “I think she’s adorable, she can do no wrong. I hope Craig is good. I know he loves her. I hope they stay together because I want her around more often.”

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