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In Praise of Spending New Year's Eve at Home (And How to Sit Out the Crowds In Style)

Why go out when you have a couch right there?

By Marianne Garvey

Maybe I’ve just had my fill of New Year’s crowds and don’t really see the point of getting all dolled up to small talk a bunch of people at an overpriced party at some restaurant or bar I could visit any other day for a fraction of the cost. Or maybe I’m just grumpy and old AF. Either way, I’m staying home this New Year’s Eve, like I’ve done the past five years. And when I tell you it’s heaven on earth, you’d better believe it. Follow my lead:

1. Stay in your sweats.

Why wear a fancy outfit when you can wear cozy sweats and sit on the couch with your cats and husband and watch movies all night? It’s the best ever — with champagne. No people, no door, no splitting a bill. 

2. Make it a date.

You can make it an official date if you want — be romantic, light candles, cook a nice dinner. You can still do it in your sweats. On the couch. 

3. Avoid the crowds.

No crowds are the best crowds. I live just outside Times Square in New York City. Not. Leaving. The. Apartment.

Even though it’s a short walk away, I’ll just watch the ball drop on TV thanks. That’s if I’m even awake.

4. Get some sleep.

Ever fall asleep early on NYE, only to wake with no hangover to a new year and you didn’t even have to do anything to make it happen? It’s wonderful.

5. Stay home — somewhere else

Go away for the weekend, and stay inside there if you want. Somewhere snowy, or Miami for some sun. Order room service to your hotel room and enjoy staying in somewhere else. That counts too!

6. Save money.

If you stay home you’ll save a bunch of cash on inflated transportation and booze costs.

7. Stay warm.

It’s freezing out, most likely. Don’t you want to stay bundled up in your blankets?

8. Be social if you must.

If you do want to be with friends or family you can always invite them over. Although I don’t advise it. The point of staying home is to not have to deal with anyone. Or anything. Aaaaah. Good night forever, 2017!

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