Jenna Jameson Gained 4 Pounds Fast After Falling Off Keto — So This Is What She's Doing About it (PIC)

Jenna Jameson Gained 4 Pounds Fast After Falling Off Keto — So This Is What She's Doing About it (PIC)

The Keto diet's most devoted follower, Jenna Jameson, fell off the wagon on vacation.

By Alesandra Dubin

Jenna Jameson is perhaps the most devout follower of the controversial Keto diet — and that's saying a lot — but even she falls off the wagon sometimes. After losing 80 pounds on the diet and copiously sharing her successes — not to mention bikini pics — on Instagram, she's become something of a coach for people who want to follow her down the path. And one thing that means to Jameson is keeping it real about what happens when, you know, life gets in the way of Keto.

Jameson is just back from a luxurious vacation in Mexico, where she did what most people consider a big goal of vacation: She properly relaxed. And that means she relaxed her diet too. And the scale reflected it.

"Let’s talk getting back in the #keto saddle," she wrote on Instagram. "Now that I’m back from vacation, I definitely needed to restart my #ketodiet. While on vacation I indulged, not in garbage but in whatever amount of good carbs I wanted."

Yes, she gained weight — but actually not as much as she was expecting. "My scale reflected it less than I thought it would. I only gained 4 lbs. no worries!" she wrote. "The best way to get back into #ketosis is to fast! I completed an 18 hour fast and then ate pure strict keto and I fell easily back into ketosis! Within 2 days I was back at my pre vacation weight! So don’t stress if you fall off a bit, just buckle down after and keto on!"

Here's what celebrities have had to say about the Keto diet — the good, the bad, and the just plain "dumb."

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