Before Dramatic Weight-Loss Transformation from Keto, Sherri Shephard Was Eating 66 Packs of Splenda Daily

Before Dramatic Weight-Loss Transformation from Keto, Sherri Shephard Was Eating 66 Packs of Splenda Daily

The former co-host of The View kicked a nasty habit that could've led to dangerous side effects.

By Jenny Berg
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What Is the Keto Diet? Experts Weigh In... and Celebs Sound Off

Sherri Shepherd recently shed some 30 pounds, no thanks to sugar. The TV personality credits the keto diet with her epic slim-down, and says that staying away from sugar has also been a game-changer. Last we heard, Shepherd hadn't had a nibble of the sweet stuff in nearly 300 days! And if you think quitting sugar sounds tough, just wait until you find out how much sweetener Shepherd used to consume.

On January 9, the former co-host of The View shared a post from the diet expert known as Black Keto Girl. The wellness influencer had shared an image of artificial sweetener packets, along with a caption that warned in part: "They're toxic ... If you are keto [above] all, stay away or choose another lifestyle."

Shepherd added her own commentary to the post, revealing a rather surprising fact about her former lifestyle. "I use to ingest 66 (yes I said SIXTY-SIX) packets of @Splenda a day. No more," she wrote. Yeesh! That's a lot of sweetener. And that's quite the shift that Shepherd has made.

 Keep scrolling to see the post, which claims there are other scary potential side effects from too much sweetener. According to Black Keto Girl, it can allegedly cause inflammation of the liver and kidneys, high blood sugar, and fluid to build up in the body, which could cause swelling in the lungs.   

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