A Starbucks Barista Didn't Recognize Oprah Winfrey: "How Do You Spell That?"

A Starbucks Barista Didn't Recognize Oprah Winfrey: "How Do You Spell That?"

The tale seems unbelievable, but it's right from the Wrinkle in Time star's mouth.

By Jenny Berg

Lately, some surprising news developments have clued us into the fact that Oprah Winfrey is indeed just like us. Well, except for the fact that she's a billionaire and one of the world's most famous people... but suspend your disbelief for a sec and go with us.

First, we learned that the queen of daytime TV finds Auntie Anne's Pretzels quite delicious, which is an all-too-human predilection. And now, we know that Oprah's name — just like ours! — gets butchered at Starbucks

Along with A Wrinkle in Time co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling, The Big O sat down with E! News to discuss some details of her everyday life — if indeed she has an "everyday" life. When asked if she pumps her own gas, Winfrey admitted: "I wouldn't know what to do!"

She's also a bit behind on her travel technology. "I took someone to the airport recently and was saying: 'Make sure you have your ticket,' and they looked like, 'what?' And I said: 'They don't have tickets anymore?," Winfrey laughed.

But, the TV legend does make her own coffee runs, and even enlightens baristas on how to spell her (ever-so-slightly famous) name. Winfrey recounted what happened when she recently hit up Starbucks. "I just went two days ago, and the woman said: 'Name?' And I said 'Oprah.' And she said: 'How do you spell that?,'" she recounted, amid peals of laughter.

Watch her share the hilarious anecdote, below:  

And, for the record: It's O-P-R-A-H

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