S5 - E13

Episode 13: Patti Meets Her Match

This week, Patti is her own client when she takes a giant leap and tells her team, "Mama wants a mixer!" After ending things with her fiancée a year ago, Patti is ready to use her own business for help in finding true love. Is she ready to let go of "Businesswoman Patti" and embrace "Dating Patti?" Entrusted in the search for her potential mate are Millionaire's Club staff Destin and Rachel, Patti's manager, Jeff, and her best friend, Rose. The team of matchmakers enlists Patti's own all-star team of relationship experts to give Patti tips on how to navigate her mixer, mini-dates and new dating life. Can Patti follow her own club's rules and find someone with whom she can share the type of committed, monogamous relationship she finds for others?

Aired: 11/22/2011
TV-14 |