S5 - E3

Episode 3: The Prince and I

Patti's first client this week is brand new to being a millionaire. Daniel Kibblesmith, a 27-year-old comedy writer for the popular website Groupon, is a self-professed nerd who doesn't yet understand the social etiquette of dating, nor does he possess the polish of a millionaire. Patti's other client is the complete opposite of Daniel. Mario Max Schaumburg-Lippe, or Prince Max for short, is 34 and allegedly hails from one of the oldest royal families in Europe. Currently residing in New York City, he has amassed a fortune developing his own fashion line, fragrances, and an upcoming vodka label. Patti must curb Prince Max's habit of bragging about his fabulous life in order to find him the right princess.

Aired: 08/29/2011
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