Ep 12: The 'Technical Brain' and 'Moonstruck'

Ep 12: The 'Technical Brain' and 'Moonstruck'

Season 7 |
Aired: March 6, 2014

Dr. Chynn is a 47-year-old eye surgeon from Manhattan who holds degrees from Harvard and Columbia among others.  Patti decrees he is so "technical minded" that he doesn't know how to romance a girl.  Can Patti cure Dr. Chynn of his "analysis paralysis" and help him to sweep a girl off her feet?

Patti's second millionaire this week is Daniel Passov, the owner and operator of a national t-shirt company in San Diego.  Daniel is tall, handsome, and polite, but has yet to find a soul mate.  Patti finds Daniel has been waiting to get "moonstruck" by the perfect woman, whom he hopes will magically fall into his lap. Will Patti be able to make Daniel realize that finding a lasting relationship requires hard work and not just wishful thinking?

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