Ep 6: Mr. Superficial and the Nut Job Magnet

Ep 6: Mr. Superficial and the Nut Job Magnet

Season 7 |
Aired: January 9, 2014

Forty seven-year-old Robbie Mione is a successful former optician with many rich clients.  Now a man of leisure, he's looking to get married but his superficiality and jokes keep him from connecting with women.  Will Patti get Robbie to change his shallow ways long enough to find a mate? Patti’s second millionaire this week is Dane Dunn, a 37 year old who lives in Orange County.  He is an entrepreneur, owns several gyms, and has two kids from a previous marriage.  Since his divorce, Dane says he has attracted only 'nut jobs.'  Can Patti teach Dane how to filter out the crazies so he can start dating a woman who is wife material?  

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