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Claudia: I'm Not Trying to Be Porsha's Friend

Claudia Jordan explains why she wanted to talk to Porsha Williams at her Dish Nation event. 

By Claudia Jordan What was going through your mind when you watched Porsha and NeNe’s lunch?
Claudia Jordan: When I watched the lunch between Porsha and NeNe, I wasn't surprise at all. Since they only hang out with each other, what else are they going to do besides talk about me, Cynthia, and Kenya? I'd like to take this moment to point out a few things. First of all, note the contrast between my girls vs. NeNe and Porsha. While we are out shopping, going to events, laughing, going on road trips, supporting each other, visiting each other's homes, and actually having real fun, these two "ladies" are always just sitting around at lunch being negative. I mean seriously, without their beefs with us, what would they talk about? We are the focus of every single one of their conversations, tweets, blogs, and talking points. Now I'm not saying that we have never discussed these "ladies," but we talk about other things as well. We actually have lives outside of NeNe and Porsha.

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Porsha Responds to the Sugar Daddy Rumors

And speaking of NeNe and Porsha, is anyone else tickled by the newest BFFs of RHOA? Does Porsha not hear the shots NeNe takes? Porsha wants to blame me for blasting her about her "sponsor," but wasn't it NeNe who first confirmed that the same woman that didn't have a working doorbell was sleeping with a wealthy African man that she claimed was outfitting Porsha with designer clothes and very expensive bags?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't NeNe the one who so eloquently told Kim (who she's now "friends" with again) to close her legs to married men? Isn't Porsha's African man married? I'm so confused! I point this out not because I care personally what they do, but simply to illustrate how the hypocrisy and double standards in this group work!

NeNe is well aware of all her gifts from a married man, but now all of a sudden she doesn't care if Porsha sleeps with this guy? You see the thing is, it's not convenient for NeNe to blast Porsha at this time, because then who else would NeNe have a cocktail with? Sure, the moments between her and Gregg are fascinating, riveting, and are sure to hold everyone's attention (insert sarcasm), but when he's not available, she needs Porsha to lunch with, so she tolerates her contradictory ways.

Now I have resisted really speaking on those two "ladies" in my last few blogs, because quite frankly what is there to say about them that we don't already know? But after watching this week's show and seeing just how evil they were during their lunch, I figured, hey, let me address the peanut gallery.

Now some people may think that I have been quite aggressive with Porsha and NeNe, and I can totally see how one could think that. But this messy and mean spirited lunch they had was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to showing how these ladies have treated others for some time. Please understand that I couldn't possibly convey all the shade and mud these two constantly sling at others in this already long-winded blog, but I'm glad the world got to witness what these two do every time they get together. My issue with these clowns is that they really try to get people to think they are so "unbothered." (It's interesting you would proclaim that after my infamous, "That's why you're so bothered," line in Puerto Rico. Oh and you're welcome for the inspiration behind your new T-shirt line.) Or that they are so busy with so many jobs that they couldn't possibly be out here making phone calls, DMing former friends on Twitter, and googling to "get the dirt" on someone with so few "acc-o-lades" as myself.

Now the kicker is you all got to witness how dirty and evil NeNe was immediately after her so-called apology to me in Puerto Rico. Mind you at this point I hadn't seen her since Demetria's performance. So if she meant her apology, why is she trashing me the very next time she sees her top minion, Porsha Williams? Notice when I met with Derek J I even paid NeNe's "fashion line" a compliment and said, "I stand corrected," once I found out it was a NeNe Leakes Collection jacket Derek was wearing. Why is she going so hard on me if we had squashed our beef? FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! It's crazy! That is exactly why I wasn't so quick to accept her apology, because I've seen her do this to everyone. NeNe says one thing and does another; it's pretty damn odd and telling of her to flip flop like that so quickly. She says one thing, and then the very next time does the polar opposite!

Now let me clarify something for Miss Thang, who for some reason seems to be obsessed with my dating life, my sex life, and my clitoris. (Creeper Alert!) I have been married and I have also been engaged. I didn't think it was right for me, unlike others that would marry because the ring was nice and the man was wealthy. I didn't feel it in my heart, so I didn't go through with it. Women like this kill me, who think that a woman is somehow a failure if she isn't validated by marriage. Please tell that to all the women in America that will never get married. And are you mocking them? Are they not "accomplished" in your book? That is ridiculous! By this logic are we to believe that NeNe thinks she is better than Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, and a Jill Scott because she "accomplished" getting married to Gregg Leakes? This can't be real life! Miss me with that!

And Porsha, clearly you were the one that didn't understand the "conviction of a wife" seeing how your marriage was more a sprint than a marathon when it comes to marriage longevity. So you might want to refrain from talking about anyone else's situation. Don't trip, it happens to the best of us! Me included. That's why I don't talk trash about other women not being married.

In closing I'd like to say that I am aware that I can be a little rough around the edges, because I don't sugar coat things. I have little tolerance for some of the bullying that's been allowed to go on for far too long in this group. I do not appreciate the double standards (i.e. for years Porsha emphatically called Kenya a whore with no proof, and now we all know about Porsha's sponsorship package, yet she wants to feel some type of way about it?) Well honey, this is exactly what Karma feels like. It was cute to do it to someone else though wasn't it? Well that's the funny thing about glass houses... Did you have fun with Derek J? Were you happy with your choice?
CJ: I always have fun with Derek J, I adore him! But I just know wigs are not for me. I don't know how NeNe's been able to do it every day since high school. Kudos to you sister! Were you surprised by Porsha’s reaction to your conversation?
CJ: Am I surprised by the conversation with Porsha? Heck no! That's all she's showing anyone since she's become NeNe's one and only foot solider. You see she wasn't saying any of the evil stuff to my face that she was saying to NeNe behind my back, because she is a coward. She's also very shallow and materialistic. Only things and trinkets seem to matter to her. Not integrity, honesty, or class. Yes, I showed up to her party, but pretty much because I had to go! It was raining outside, I knew things were weird since I blasted her in Puerto Rico, and honestly I'd rather have stayed home watching Family Guy. But I felt torn since the entire morning crew was going, and since I was still new, I thought it would show that I was at least trying if I showed up.

I need to make something clear -- like crystal clear. I am not trying to be Porsha's friend. I know it may appear that way at that meeting at the Dish Nation party. But my main concern was the vibe amongst the rest of the people we have to work with at the station. People had noticed the shade, which was causing people to feel very uncomfortable at the studio. You saw our interaction at work -- it makes for a very hostile environment for everyone. Now I could easily come to work every day, walk right past her and not say one word to her, and I will be fine. But I was starting to feel half responsible for how awkward it was for everyone else at work, and that was my main motivation for having that talk with her.

Claudia's Comments Were "Unforgivable"

As you heard, I did text her the day before to attempt to smooth things over, but she didn't respond. Perhaps the words I used were too big? So I had to have our moment at the party. It's funny that Porsha will scream from the roof top how "unbothered" she supposedly is, but will run out in the middle of a conversation when it gets real. I suspect her EQ may be even lower than her IQ if that is even possible! Have a grown woman conversation like a big girl. Oh I really expecting substance from the same girl that put on gifted Tom Ford lotion in the middle of our other conversation and uses words such as "woomp woomp woomp" just to avoid accountability? OK, my mistake!

Oh and one more thing, since I'm breaking my not-talking-about-non-Housewives-in-my-blog-streak for today -- Porsha attempted to say I have no career (even though we work at the same place), except what I do is taken just a wee bit seriously. See my Ferguson report ( for an example vs. you twerking ( on TV and Instagram. Porsha may consider me a 41-year-old has been, but just like they say in love, it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Now relate that to your career versus mine and check out my IMDB page. In closing, it "has been" a pleasure holding this peach! xoxo

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