Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Between Snowball and her marriage issues, Taylor admits this was a tough episode to watch.

This was a heartbreaking episode for me to watch. My concern for my little girl's health and the heartache over her puppy was very emotional. I felt horrible for my child suffering with swollen eyes and skin rashes and I felt awful for little Snowball as well. Because of the allergens, we were advised by her doctor that Snowball shouldn't sleep on the beds, go into Kennedy's room or be held by her often. I couldn't imagine how I was going to break the news to my little girl that her puppy might need a new home as her doctor suggested. I was frustrated and sad and didn't know what to do.

Love was the other tough topic for me in this episode and I shed more than a few tears watching my conversation with Kyle. Marriage, as we all know, is a work in progress. A quote I have heard is "Marriage is not a noun, it's a verb and you should marry one another every day" (or something like that). Well, I am learning first-hand how true that is. I am learning how quickly we forget about taking time for one another when children, work, and other responsibilities become our priorities. The day-to-day little "urgencies" replace the "important" items like taking time to communicate and work on the "friendship." We both need to do a better job on that part.

A friendship I especially cherish is the one I have with Kyle. She has been there for me. We have laughed a lot and cried some too and our relationship has grown stronger because of it all. Thank you, Kyle.

Until next week...thank you for watching!

XO Taylor

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