The City That Doesn't Sleep

The City That Doesn't Sleep

Taylor Armstrong admits she had some trouble catching Z's after the big brawl.

Even I am a bit confused after watching this week's episode.

The miscommunication continued as Kim and I got involved in Kyle and Camille's spat. The last thing I ever wanted was more arguing between the girls and I had no idea the word "insecure" would set things off again.

While "freshening up" I was merely sharing with Camille that Kim (not Lisa!) asked me repeatedly in the airport (not on the plane!) if Camille was "insecure." I wanted to be open with Camille about the fact that I had a discussion in the airport with Kim about her so she was aware of it, and wouldn't feel as though we were talking about her behind her back should the matter arise. It was nothing more than that and there were no ill intentions. Lisa was not talking to me about Camille during the plane ride, end of story. Again, the LAST thing I ever wanted was for Camille and Kyle to start up again. I thought the issue was over, and I didn’t know Kyle had used the word "insecure" in her discussions with Camille just moments earlier. Had I known that "insecure" was such hot button, you can bet your "Oklahoma ass" I would never have mentioned the word! I am getting nervous just typing it, now I feel insecure. Insecure is defined as "subject to fears, doubts, etc." Aren't we all a little insecure at times? I am going to use the term "diffident" from now on, and hope that none of the other housewives have a Thesaurus (like I do).

Just in case you're wondering, I have absolutely no idea where the Oklahoma line came from. I suppose, frustration over Kim's refusing to get involved and stop the argument between Camille and Kyle, but her being more than willing to argue with me, and get me involved in the situation led me to say something ridiculous.

I didn’t sleep that night. Turns out, none of us slept much. I stayed awake watching reruns wondering how we got here and how to repair the damage that had been done between us. Miscommunication is toxic. I see it in relationships all the time. By the time we are adults, we have formed our frame of reference based on our personal experiences. I think we "frame" what we hear in biased ways at times based on our own fears and yes, insecurities. Miscommunication is hard to overcome because it is rooted in perception. Even when the parties involved "make up," each remains steadfast in their view of the message. Maybe we should just text each other everything, so we have a written record to reflect upon in moments when "he said, she said" or in our case "she said, she said" get the best of us.

In the end, La Cage aux Folles was amazing, BRAVO!

Until next week, xx Taylor

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