Standing Up

Standing Up

Dana commends Taylor and Kim for standing up for themselves this episode, and shares thoughts on Kim's relationship.

I'm happy to see Taylor and Kim standing up for themselves this week. I can totally understand keeping their issues private from the group, as there is constant judgment with the women and sometimes their opinion is more negative then constructive.

I wish I could have been there to support Taylor. I was in NYC dealing with a death in the family that week, so I couldn't attend either event. Taylor has many good friends and she is beautiful on the inside and out. She is only guilty of trying to make her marriage work against the worst circumstances.

I was really touched by Adrienne's loss of her father, as I lost my mother in a violent car crash when I was a little girl and have an emptiness I can never fill, as well. I also take care of my 94 year old grandma so hearing Lisa talk about hers so fondly gave her some heart that I hadn't experienced personally and was nice to know is there. I always knew Kim did not deserve the call out Brandi made on Game Night, and I still feel Brandi owes Kim an apology.

Kim's beauty is really shining through because she is being true to herself in this episode. It really doesn't matter if her love affair is forever, what matters is that she's happy in the now.

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