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On Loyalty and Other People's Battles

Taylor makes sense of all the fighting, thinks Game Night is so last year, and wishes everyone would enjoy the vow ceremony.

By Taylor Armstrong

Loyalty [lol-uhl-tee]: Noun plural loy-al-ties: the state or quality of being loyal faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

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OK, I am going to try and get all of this straight. I was fighting Linda's battle (or so I thought.) Faye was accused of fighting Kyle's battles. Faye and Kyle were fighting Adrienne's battle. Faye feels Brandi fights Lisa's battles. Marisa is battling herself over who she wants to sleep with. Kim wants Kyle to remember she and Brandi once had a battle. And Adrienne and Paul are just plain battling. I have a feeling this one is going to get ugly! Just another typical evening in the 90210.

Whew! Am I glad I got my issue out of the way early. I was ready to make an effort to become friends with Yolanda and David and felt I needed to check-in with my friend Linda about what effect that might have on our friendship. Linda was there for me during difficult times in my marriage and I am fiercely loyal to those who are loyal to me. As I expected, Linda was gracious and quick to encourage me to make an overture of friendship with Yolanda and David. I had grown to like them during the past months and realized how silly it was to miss an opportunity to make friends because of something that had nothing to do with me. I felt a sense of relief knowing Linda was encouraging the new relationships and that it wouldn't be hurtful to her. The torch has been dropped. Moving on. . .

I disagree with Faye's opinion that Brandi broke up Paul and Adrienne's family. If they had a solid, healthy relationship, a single incident with a third party wouldn't divide them. If anything, it could bring them closer. Adrienne has a very difficult time admitting fault and owning up to her mistakes. If she would have owned the "secret," she would have had lots of support. Her secret is not something to be ashamed of and her denial and reaction does a disservice to others who have had a similar experience.

Who doesn't know what a "hall pass" is when you are referring to husbands and wives, especially when you're someone who constantly talks about wanting to have sex with someone other than your husband? Marisa is fixated on this topic. One thing I think we can all agree on is no one cares what Marisa does between the sheets (or on the floor or in the shower or whatever rendezvous spot she choses). I find the whole thing boring.

As the friendship between Lisa and Brandi was forming, it didn't seem like a natural fit to me. They are so very different. Lisa is the voice of reason and Brandi. . .we'll let's just say she has a voice of her own. Lisa doesn't need Brandi to speak for her. Lisa has always been very straightforward and is not afraid to speak her mind. Lisa can fight her own battles and does so. The same is true for Kyle. She doesn’t need Faye to fight her battles. At times, we stick up for one another but that’s what loyal friends do.

When Kyle explains that Faye's anger at Brandi is in defense of her friend, Adrienne, Kim wants in on the action. Game night? That is so last year. The fact that she was "in addition" to Adrienne really seemed to upset her. What Brandi said to her that night wasn't cool but, if I look back at the trip she just took to Paris, it appeared that she and Brandi were forming a friendship. Why are we talking about game night. . .again? Relevant. . .? Confused. . .!

The setting for Ken and Lisa's vow renewal was breathtaking. The pink roses in various shades were pure "Lisa." The setting was so elegant, so perfect, you can see why they picked their new home as the setting for this wonderful occasion. These are the moments when we need to put aside our differences and enjoy one another. Ken and Lisa celebrating 30 years with us touched me deeply. They have a marriage that is truly aspirational and I have learned so much about what a partnership should be by watching them respect and cherish each other. Happy first anniversary to Pandora and Jason. I can't believe a year has passed. Wishing them the same success as Ken and Lisa.

As Ken and Lisa prepared to celebrate their love, Adrienne came over to share her pending dissolution. I find it quite coincidental that papers were served on the day of their celebration and the final day of filming. It was bad form to disrupt the event and lay something so heavy on the group. This was not a day for tears other than happy ones. She didn't even say hello to Ken and Lisa so, I am unclear as to what her intentions were in coming to the party. One thing was clear, it was all about her.

Well, you've seen it all. Another year in the most glamorous zip code in the world. And you know, I fought too hard for this zip code to go home now. Speaking of fighting. . .stay tuned for Andy holding court with the ladies of 90210.

Kisses xx,

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