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Kyle: This Is the Worst Our Relationship Has Ever Been

Kyle talks about the state of her relationship with Kim and why there are no winners here.

By Kyle Richards

I'm so sorry about not writing my blog last week. My kids have been on spring break, and the last thing I wanted to do was think of the reunion and all of the emotions that I felt that day. I have been trying to put it behind me, but obviously it's not easy to do when it's played out all over again. I will do my best to combine last week and this week but not go on too much.

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Seeing Yolanda so weak and vulnerable was so sad! She is always such a pillar of strength that all of us were taken aback to see her in such a fragile state.

When we were talking about Yolanda's constant defending of Brandi, Lisa V. brought up Brandi's comment to Yolanda about Bella's DUI. Once again, Brandi goes into "Lie and Deflect Mode." She knew exactly what she was doing when she threw 17-year-old Bella under the bus.

At least Yolanda acknowledged that she knew what Brandi was doing when she did that.

Kim's comment about being happy just as things are in our relationship was hurtful. So much has happened between Kim and me. Usually at the reunion, you hope to be able to have some resolution by the end. Clearly that wasn't going to be happening with us.

Trying to talk any sense into Brandi always results in a fight and her not taking any responsibility whatsoever. When she was again in denial and doing her usual deflecting regarding her behavior when she drinks, I brought up that her drinking isn't limited to her time with the women as she claims. In fact, without cameras I find her to be LESS guarded about her drinking. She shot back with her (much overused) menopause jabs.

Brandi constantly trying to insult the women by calling us "Menopause Mamas" and saying "you don't get your period anymore, bitch" is insulting to all women.  It is a natural part of life. As far as I know, none of us has gone through menopause, but God willing, we will all get there one day. It's demeaning to women to use it as a put-down. Just as calling me a "c---" is. Nothing shocks me anymore with Brandi.

Hearing Brandi say that Lisa V. has "beaten the slap to death" and "won't stop talking about it" is unbelievable. She has not stopped talking about me pushing her arm down when she was trying to block me from Kim at Eileen's poker night. Why does she expect Lisa to drop her slapping her? More double standards...

I know that whatever I do, she will find fault in. So why even bother trying anymore?”

Kyle Richards

I don't really know how to address Brandi's comments about everyone, because nothing she says makes any sense to me. Her behavior toward everyone has been so disgusting, yet she seems to be the one who is angry at everyone. She is filled with so much anger and hatred that it is uncomfortable to be around. From texting Lisa R. that she is an anorexic old hag to her homewrecker comments about Eileen, telling Lisa V. that she was jealous Max's friend didn't want to f--- her...disgusting.

Is Lisa V. Jealous of Brandi?

Brandi cannot stand to see Lisa V. and me being friends again, laughing and having fun. So she has to make rude, snide comments. For the record, Lisa V. is not selling her house, and she has expressed regret for making a "flippant comment” about that in the past...We have moved past our issues.

In stark contrast, Brandi seems to enjoy the downfall of Kim's and my relationship. Like she succeeded somehow.

I'm the first to say that my sister’s and my relationship has obviously had its ups and downs, but this has by far been the worst place our relationship has ever been in. I have seen how Brandi has tried to turn her against me. If she sincerely cared about Kim, instead of using her as a prop, she would want her family to be close to her.

With Kim, I am constantly being accused of things I didn't do and made to feel that all our problems are my fault. I am tired of being blamed for everything and am at a point in my life where I just can't do it anymore. There is some sort of relief when I see it played back on video and know that I am not crazy, and the events at Eileen's did play out exactly how I remember it. But even after seeing it on camera, Kim will not admit that she was wrong and still wants to blame me. I know that whatever I do, she will find fault in. So why even bother trying anymore?

There seems to be no recollection of the love and support that I have given her throughout our lives.

When Kim said she wanted to see where we were at, because there were a lot of things coming up that she needs to figure out, I knew she was referring to her daughter’s wedding. I lost it. Clearly.  It's been way too emotional and upsetting to me, and I couldn't take it anymore.

Did Kim Hit Below the Belt?

Thank you all for your kind words and support. I would like to ask you all, regardless of what your opinion is, to please be kind on social media. There are no winners here. No "teams.” This is my family, regardless of what problems we have right now.

Thanks for watching.




I had to laugh at Lisa V. and me in my dressing room joking around. NEVER imagined they would use that footage! Haha!

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