Lisa Rinna: I Meant What I Said

Lisa Rinna: I Meant What I Said

Lisa Rinna thinks two people were crucial to the evening's positive ending.

Hello Again!

Well this has been a long time coming! Kim and I have finally made amends, owned up to what we’ve said and done to one another, and have made a mutual commitment to move away from the negativity once and for all.

I meant what I said when I spoke of coming from a good place and wanting to move on with every ounce of my being. I will continue to honor the promise I made that night, and I wish Kim well. I have truly enjoyed seeing her so happy with her grandson for the past five months. 

Thank God for Carnie Wilson and Kim’s sponsor, Clare, for helping us get to a place where we could heal. They were a crucial part of this process, and I admire the wisdom and peace they were able to bring to the situation. I do believe those Love Bites cheesecakes of Carnie’s were also a crucial component in our healing that evening. They were beyond delish! You should try them for yourself!

Both Eileen and Erika were also a great support system, and I am very grateful to both of them for that. They both stayed back and let the conversation roll out as it was meant to, but I’m thankful they were there and had my back.

I’m glad it’s over and that we could both agree to move on. Life is too short to sit in any of this negativity. My life is just too good, and I am so blessed, as we all are…

On to next week we go.


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