Lisa Rinna: We Live, We Learn and Hopefully We Try to Do Better

Lisa Rinna is not proud of this RHOBH moment.

Kim Richards Confronts Lisa Rinna
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Oh, Game Night, I can’t stand you! I think we all have some sort of PTSD from game nights in the past, and Erika nailed it when she referred to this upcoming Game Night as The Hunger Games.

Before we dive too deep into this week’s episode, I just have to say how cool it is that we get to see all of the behind the scenes of the making of Erika’s XXPENSIVE video. It all just looks so fun and glamorous!

We see Eden and I meet at Casa Vega for dinner. The two of us seem to have a lot in common, so I found her to be someone of comfort and safety. We can speak open and honestly about drug and alcohol abuse, our families, our friendships, and of course, our beloved fathers. We definitely bonded over being daddy’s girls.

After losing my dad last year, it changed me and made me realize life is so fragile and so short. I am trying my best to let go, move forward... but sometimes I get triggered. I am human, and I mean well, but sometimes I fall back into old patterns, when in fact, I truly just want to move on.

So, Kim starting in on Eileen and me after we had what I thought was a very nice conversation about her daughter Brooke and her upcoming grandchild was definitely a trigger for me. We had played well together on a team, and I was happy with us peacefully co-existing for the evening. Or so I thought until she set her sights on us and went off for no reason. 

The fact that she said I use my dad’s death as an excuse for my behavior was simply her trying to insert herself into something she knew nothing about. That’s the whole point being made here—that I have not used it as an excuse, and his passing happened well after everything went down. Kim was also not taking responsibility about what she said in Amsterdam regarding my husband.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment after hearing what she had to say, I threw a low blow right back at her. I’m not happy about going there.

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Instead of Going High, Lisa Rinna Goes Low
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I was grateful to Eden in that moment for intervening the way she did because it definitely derailed our crazy train and put us on on a less destructive path. Remember, this was our first interaction in quite some time, and it took place over six months ago. We have more interactions, and you will see Kim and I continue to navigate our complicated relationship in the weeks to come.

We live, we learn and hopefully we try to do better. Until next week…


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