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Dorit Kemsley: Lisa Vanderpump Fakes Forgiveness to Appear Innocent

"I question if her seemingly kind but poison-laced comments are designed to set me up or simply make me out to look like a horrible person."

By Dorit Kemsley
Dorit Kemsley Is Taking the Ladies on an Over-the-Top Trip

Hi Lovelies,

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After such a trying few months for our family from dealing with the robbery, it was great getting together with Lisa R and Erika for lunch. Reminiscing about keg stands took me back to my teenage years, which I’ll never forget. Believe it or not, I was a very adventurous teen, and I was all about trying new things (some things never change, ha). My sister had just returned from a resort in the Bahamas that she couldn’t stop raving about, and it sparked an idea. Given that our girls’ trip to Vegas last year proved to be such a success in re-building friendships, I thought what better way for us to hash out any issues and simply relax than to take the girls away on a lavish vacation to an exotic island?

For the last few weeks, George has been on a big U.S. tour which has kept PK busy traveling, so it felt nice to have my husband home, and it gave us a chance to talk about the Bahamas trip. I completely understand why PK would be concerned about me inviting Teddi as he knows we have yet to patch our past up completely. However, I’d like nothing more than to put the negativity behind us. I feel very optimistic about the girls’ trip, and I’m hopeful it will be a good place for Teddi and I to grow our friendship.

Hearing Teddi’s story about moving to LA and pursuing her dream of becoming an actress only to fall victim to the industry’s unreasonable, ruthless beauty standards totally made me understand why she’s so passionate and devoted to her business. The fact that her personal journey has blossomed into a calling that helps other people along the way is pretty incredible. Transforming peoples’ mindsets while keeping herself accountable with the struggles she faces on a daily basis isn’t an easy job, and I commend her for it.

Kyle Richards Is a Hypochondriac

Kyle is such a sensitive soul, and I can really relate to that side of her. Knowing how incredibly beautiful inside and out her daughters are, I felt sad about Sophia going away to college so I can only imagine how her own mother felt. I shudder at the thought of not being able to see my kids everyday. Although I’m years away from Jagger and Phoenix going to college, watching Kyle go through that pain saddened me, and I completely sympathized with her as a mother. Knowing what a sweet, sociable girl Sophia is, I have no doubt she’s going to have the best college experience. 

The moment between Lisa R and Amelia was so special to watch. Amelia’s courage to publicly speak about her anorexia is such a testament to Amelia’s strong and courageous character, and I was in awe watching such a young, beautiful girl bare her soul to the world about her struggles she’s facing. To have that foresight and strength at such a young age speaks volumes about Amelia’s spirit. It gives me hope that young girls can look to Amelia as inspiration for overcoming any kind of eating disorder. I give so much credit to Lisa R for being supportive because feeling helpless with your kids is one of the most heartbreaking feelings as a mom since it’s our job to take away any pain our children go through. Lisa R’s open, honest relationship with her kids is one I aspire to have when Phoenix and Jagger enter their teen years.

The pastry party at Lisa R’s house was a lovely time with the girls. It was great to meet Chris Ford of Butter Love and Hard Work who showed us a simple, fun way to create a sweet treat. The icing on top was watching Jagger and Phoenix break the chocolate hearts open to find the goodies inside.

I feel sick to my stomach hearing Lisa V say in her interview that Lucy ended up in a kill shelter. It was confirmed to Lisa V and I both that it was NOT a kill shelter, that Lucy was never in danger nor brought to a kill shelter, and yet she and her team are relentless in trying to inflate the story. Lucy was at the shelter for an hour before the shelter contacted Vanderpump Dogs. When I watch her interview, I question if her seemingly kind but poison-laced comments are designed to set me up or simply make me out to look like a horrible person. Regardless, friends don’t tell friends they’re not upset about something then go and act the complete opposite way. For whatever reason, Lisa V fakes forgiveness as a means of appearing innocent or to make it look like she’s doing you a huge favor when in reality she’s stirring a big pot of passive aggressiveness that eventually reveals itself through snarky jabs.

That brings me to the comments Lisa V makes on our way to the Bahamas. The day was off to a fabulous start — private jet, first class, good company, glamorous destination. Out of all the women, I choose Lisa V to share a suite with me, and I’m sadly met with a jab. She might think she’s being funny, but quite frankly her comments are off-putting, unnecessary, and ultimately bring a weird vibe to the group. It’s as though she wants to be the center of attention and in order to do so she must make jokes at other peoples’ expense. All I could think to myself in that moment was I wish I had chosen someone else to share the suite with me. Her behavior was odd, especially for someone who’s supposed to be my best friend of the group. Despite the rocky start, I’m so excited to get away to the Bahamas and spend some quality time with the women.

The Ladies Arrive in the Bahamas

Can’t wait for next week!


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