Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: I Apologize to Anyone I Have Ruined Miley Cyrus For

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: I Apologize to Anyone I Have Ruined Miley Cyrus For

"You got an all-too-close representation of our 'we time.'"

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I would like to apologize to anyone whom I have ruined Miley Cyrus for forever. Between that and Edwin’s “audition” for Erika’s show, you got an all-too-close representation of our “we time.” Besides that, Erika’s show was amazing. She puts on a great performance, and the audience was crazy for her. 

I’m writing this as Mother’s Day passes, so it’s ironic that you’re getting to see the inner conflict I’m going through raising my children while trying to balance my growing work life. I’ve been very open about my struggles with my pregnancies. But also, I want to show the struggles of day-to-day life that comes with motherhood; I’m not ashamed to put these moments out there. Kids throw tantrums. Kids miss Mommy when you have a girls’ night. I know we see Hollywood and social media through unrealistic filters of perfection. I hope that any mother watching knows she is not alone. 

I’m also not afraid to open up about my “mom guilt.” Now that my business has taken off immensely, I am trying to figure out how to manage All IN while being as present and spending as much time possible with my kids. I know I’m teaching them to reach for their dreams, however I can’t help but feel that ping of guilt when I need to leave for periods of time. 

That’s why no matter what has gone down between any of us on the the show, I can say that as mothers, each woman has done her damndest to be the greatest parent she can to her children. Every one of us, no matter what happens, can go to sleep at night knowing that we aren’t perfect, but we do what we can for our children. In that way, we are all the same. 

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