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Stephanie: Now There Is Only Tension, Hurt, and Sadness

Stephanie recalls the drama of her Byron Nelson party, appreciates her friendship with Brandi and Cary and is thankful for her strengthened marriage.

By Stephanie Hollman
Where Are the Real Housewives of Dallas Now?

I cannot believe this is our final episode. I want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You!!!!" for walking through this journey with me. Your encouraging words and support helped me get through some tough times and reinforced the times of personal growth.

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This week's episode was fun for me. Travis and I love celebrating and entertaining friends. Our annual Byron Nelson Party is one of our largest events. We invite hundreds of folks over to watch the tournament and join in on the fun. The aftermath of the girls trip to Austin was just days before. I did not think drama would be brought to my house again, especially since I made my stance very clear in Austin. Also, they knew that many of the Hollman, Inc. clients would be in attendance and Travis and I would NOT tolerate it.

Everyone appeared to be in good spirits, but somewhat guarded when they arrived. I was hopeful for a fun day without drama. At first it went well, but as the hours passed...the tension with some of the women grew. I could see what appeared to start as a simple conversation turn into arguments. I mentally checked out from entertaining our Hollman, Inc. guests and became focused on and concerned about the guests feeling uncomfortable with the rising drama.

Cary Deuber Is Not Afraid of LeeAnne Locken

I think Cary and LeeAnne clash because of miscommunication. Cary heard LeeAnne's harsh judgments and accusations about her marriage. I understand that she felt she had to say something. I believe LeeAnne felt the tension and realized that Cary knew about her judgmental gossiping. Whatever the circumstance, nothing was resolved. When everyone left, I felt a sadness.

Just months earlier I was introduced to four beautiful, happy women. Three of them were long time friends that share life's greatest moments; babies, weddings, struggles, etc. Now, there is only tension, hurt and sadness. I haven't experienced friendships where I felt pushed to choose one side or another and continually prove loyalties since high school. I believe that I can have an opinion based on circumstances but am entitled to think for myself. My opinion does not make me a less loyal friend -- it makes me true to myself.

Looking back over the season, I am left thankful for my friendship with Brandi. We cried, laughed, prayed and supported each other through this journey. I have and have had some amazing friends in my life. But Brandi is one of the few that offers and delivers consistent unconditional love and acceptance. I am not perfect, but I know that her love and loyalty will not waiver. How is it that I am so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend? This journey has also provided the gift of another great friend...Cary Deuber, you are a bright light to me. Two people couldn't be more different, yet our friendship is fun and effortless. Thank you for your kindness and friendship, I appreciate you!

Lastly, Travis Hollman. Throughout this journey, my love and appreciation for you has grown exponentially. You have been there for me in ways I couldn't even imagine before. After the long, crazy, exhausting hours with your work, you came home with words of encouragement and support and found new energy to go through this journey with me. You celebrated my happiness and sat and held me when I felt broken. I never felt as scared and vulnerable as I have this year and you have been there holding and encouraging me all the way through. It might sound crazy that our marriage has come out stronger on the other end of Real Housewives, but ours has. Thank you for being my soft place to fall and for taking me as I am, flaws and all. I can say without hesitation that I have never loved you more and look forward to a lifetime of wonderful journeys with you.

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