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Kameron Westcott: This Shade Is Now Rated 'R' and I Am Pissed

"LeeAnne apologized for the $200 incident...but is D'Andra now throwing extreme revenge shade?"

By Kameron Westcott
Brandi Redmond Is Gonna Paint Some Bitches Tell us about this hilarious family time moment – has your Spanish improved at all?

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Kameron Westcott: I know pink means rosado in Spanish, that is about it, so no my Spanish has not improved. But I am really good at eating cupcakes and getting better every day. That really was a typical family moment for us, we are always playing around, teasing and laughing at each other. Your party throwing skills are pretty incredible, tell us about throwing this paint party and the string quartet (or trio). What do you think of the ladies’ reaction to it?

KW: I was so excited for the ladies to see a side of me at my “paint your dog” night that they never have gotten to see before. I don’t think any of them knew I was an art major so it was fun surprising them and seeing all their creative sides!! My favorite girlfriend hangout is...having a good time and having all our children and pet kids play together. The string quartet was the perfect touch to the party since music always sets the mood. I wanted the day to be calm and peaceful for everyone with no drama. I think I was in luck since everyone remained PG. I believe everyone had a great time including the dogs, children and adults. I would say the dogs impressed me the most. They were all so well behaved together. What do you think of Cruise flirting so much with Zuri? Is there an RHOD little couple alert?

KW: Having an older sister, Cruise loves to play with girls. Hilton is a handful, but whoever wins Cruise's heart will be beyond lucky...he is my prince and is so sweet. I would be at peace if Cruise married Zuri, but the Duebers would have to throw in free plastic surgery and maintenance as dowry. What do you think about Cary telling LeeAnne what Brandi had said about you two and asking for credit? What do you think about this idea that she’s chirping in your ear?

A Stressticle RHOD Debacle

KW: I personally love that they both felt they were standing up for me and for what was right!! It makes me feel like they both really had my back and makes me feel that they value our friendship. I was so happy to hear this. Regardless who stood up the most in the end...I was honored they both did or thought they did, and I love Cary and Brandi for that. As far as LeeAnne chirping in my ear? Hahaha!! This cracks me up!! How can one not laugh?? As if I’ve never stood up for myself before and I would allow myself to be influenced? I think I’ve stood up for my beliefs so many times, I feel sometimes the ladies get exhausted with me.

Is LeeAnne Locken Puppeteering Kameron Westcott?

I don’t know how they could ever think I was having LeeAnne influence me in any way. To be honest LeeAnne never even brings up negative things about the ladies to me personally. LeeAnne is someone I actually would feel extremely supported by, even if I had a “different” opinion than hers. I feel that she is accepting of me in so many ways and that she would support me no matter what, so I never fear to not tell her my true beliefs. If I was acting differently to anyone, it was truly just based on one’s personal actions and wasn’t due to someone else influencing me. Becoming such good friends with LeeAnne, what do you think about her conversation with D’Andra about their friendship and D’Andra questioning Rich’s fidelity?

D'Andra Simmons Thinks Rich Might Be Cheating on LeeAnne Locken

KW: I am beyond happy that LeeAnne and D’Andra are finally talking. They both needed to chat and work things out because their friendship is priceless...although I now think this conversation has created more drama that one could never now erase. I think D’Andra has overstepped her bounds with this conversation with LeeAnne. Asking your best friend if she believes her fiancé is faithful? Saying that he basically is a cheater who is sleeping around? Saying they live separate lives? I see them together all the time and I never doubted their relationship once. LeeAnne and Rich are happy, in love and shouldn’t a good friend just support that? I just am so disappointed in this conversation. It’s one thing to be protective of your friend but it’s another thing to verbally label your best friend's fiancé. LeeAnne apologized for the $200 incident...but is D’Andra now throwing extreme revenge shade? LeeAnne’s mistake was “PG” and how could anyone ever believe it in the first place?...this shade is now rated “R” and I am pissed. I am a huge believer in following girl code and this is not okay or appropriate. I am now sick to my word...DISAPPOINTED.

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