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Stephanie Hollman: A Reputation Is Very Fragile

"When you gossip, you are helping to destroy something extremely valuable to that person..."

By Stephanie Hollman
Get Up Close and Personal with that RHOD Kangaroo

When it comes to parenting our kids, Travis and I handle every situation as a team. Travis is a huge part of our family dynamic and he makes everything work so the thought of losing half my team for a month stresses me out. We have this good cop, bad cop thing going and I don't want to pick up both roles, I like my part as good cop when it comes to discipline. My kids are not perfect nor do I expect them to be just because we are on a TV show. They like to wrestle, play with nerf guns in the house, run when I tell them to walk, and get on each other's nerves -- that’s just a part of being a #boymom. I am giving you the good, the bad and the ugly, and in that moment at the dance studio, Chance was in a mood. I am trying my best to keep my head above water and not let the house turn into total chaos. Just the idea of Travis being gone for a month is stressing me out. I know I can do this, I just have to get through it and hope that Cruz keeps all of his clothes on. I will say though, the great thing about boys is they get over things in like 30 seconds and they're back to playing. Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world worked like that?

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Brandi Redmond Is Gonna Paint Some Bitches

I was so excited to get an invite to Kameron’s Dog Painting party because I knew it would be something fun that the kids could enjoy. I didn’t bring biscuit because having to handle that little furry monster, plus two kids on my own would be me asking for a mental breakdown. Plus I didn’t want him to get paint in his fur, he had just gotten a blowout earlier that day.

There was an underlying story here that I feel like we should be following more closely and that would be the undeniable love connection between Zuri and Cruise. I can't lie, I wish it was my Cruz because the idea of somehow being related to Cary just really excites me, but I am totally invested in this new found love connection. I love a girl that knows what she wants!

At the painting party, I wanted to update Brandi on my relationship with LeeAnne because I don't ever want her to think that I am doing anything behind her back. They have their issues, but they are just that, THEIR issues. I have really enjoyed getting to know LeeAnne more this year and I am grateful for our new found friendship. I appreciate Brandi understanding that I am my own person and while I might not always agree with both of them, I can still have friendships with each of them.

Normally, I like to mind my own business and stay out of situations that have nothing to do with me, but there has been an ongoing conversation that I have a strong opinion on. I do not think that it is EVER okay to speak on someone's marriage or family. If you have a concern about someone’s home life, that should be addressed in PRIVATE and come from a place of compassion.

D'Andra Simmons Thinks Rich Might Be Cheating on LeeAnne Locken

You also must be sure that you have all the facts straight. If it is just petty gossip or an allegation, then you have just gone and spread this rumor to the world by stating it in your confessional. A reputation is very fragile. When you gossip, you are helping to destroy something extremely valuable to that person by putting a label on them. D’Andra, you know I love you and I think of you as a very good friend, but this is a narrative that I cannot support! 

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