Drag Queen Drama on the Red Carpet

Drag Queen Drama on the Red Carpet

Marysol thinks drag queen Elaine Lancaster must be confused about the mix-up at Lea's gala.

I was flattered to be chosen as the subject of an article for Ocean Drive Magazine. Longtime friend and Ocean Drive Deputy Editor Bill Kearney shadowed me for an entire day witnessing firsthand how hectic my life can be. I wanted to give him a real look at my day, so we attended several business meetings and capped the night off with a personal social engagement. Our first stop was at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel in Miami Beach, a wonderful client of over four years. Renaissance was launching a global initiative for their brand; the events would take place on the same night at the same time at all of their properties. Talk about synchronicity! To pull something like that off requires a lot of work and attention to detail. We strive to deliver effective results and pride ourselves in producing the best events that garner premium and targeted press exposure. The pressure was on, but that’s how we roll. Go big or go home!

Joanna and Romain were kind enough to invite all of us to the 10 year anniversary celebration of Mynt night club. Prior to the party, Lisa hosted a small gathering at her home, and there was some interesting conversation about my mom. Mom is often a topic of conversation, whether it is about how fabulous and incredible she is or the tiring old question, "What happened to her?" Most of the ladies comments were kind-hearted and well-intentioned. It seems most of them see past mom's physical appearance, except perhaps Lisa. I truly believe that in time Lisa will learn to see beyond mom's physical appearance and grow to love and appreciate her for all that she has to offer. After all, everyone loves mom! The conversation at Mynt made it painfully clear that the big blondes had forgotten their daily dose of ginkgo biloba. It is the only thing that would explain such an inaccurate recollection of events that took place. Anyone that has spent any time with me knows how seriously I take my job. Too seriously in fact. So much so that it has cost me, especially in my personal life. The Patton Group is my life, my husband, my child, my best friend. Whoever would suggest that I would take on a job and not attend to it with the utmost pride and attention to detail clearly does not know me. I suppose anyone that is deliberately trying to hurt me would target my business. It's my bull’s-eye. Lies seem to unravel in the most unflattering ways. So whether this whole debacle is a deliberate misstatement of facts to make me look bad or the incoherent rants of someone whose memory is faltering, I will find solace in the knowledge that the truth will come out in time.

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