Contradictions Don't Exist

Contradictions Don't Exist

My marriage defined.

A writer and acquaintance of my dad's stated that contradictions don't exist, and if you think you see a contradiction, check your premises because one of them is wrong. I mentioned that on the reunion special but probably should have saved my breath since it went over everyone's head. Maybe a quote from Christopher Guest would have landed better; the idea is the same.The point I drew is this - if Simon and I seem to have behaved in ways at odds with the goals presented as ours on the show, that looks like a contradiction. So either the behavior was incorrect or the goals are incorrect, or...we're making fun of ourselves. Which is it? 2 out of 3? Did it change from episode to episode? You decide.

We are risk takers who love to laugh at ourselves and do so daily. Whether it's scuba diving, trekking through the Atlas Mountains with a baby or signing up for a reality show, we live largely, loudly and unapologetically.

Hope you enjoyed the show, and we'll see you again Season 2. I'd also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken the time to write thoughtful emails or stop us on the streets of New York. We've loved how many people have thanked us for renewing their faith in marriage; in the end, relationships with your loved ones are what counts!


And my fellow castmates...every one! We had a great time watching the reunion show together last night, and it's quite true that we can and do let each other have it -- some more than others -- and then raise a glass and crack up laughing at the result. Each and every person on this show is very special and that, coupled with this crazy willingness to let cameras into our lives, made for TV magic.

Au revoir pour le moment, et merci pour regarder notre petit spectacle...

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