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Changing Tactics

Alex talks renewed vows, repaired relationships, and why she's NOT a pushover.

By Alex McCord


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Hey Bravo fans – I’m so sorry I’m nearly a week late (don’t even ask about my NJ blogs but I promise they are coming soon!) Wow, can you believe the finale is here? At times it seemed it would go on until Christmas; other times it seemed like we just watched the premiere! In that time Simon and I have released a book and I’m blogging on the run in between book signings. We’ll be in Philly, DC, Baltimore and McLean, VA from the 11-13th; to see where we are headed go to our family website where you can also order the book online or download on Kindle! It’s a great father’s day gift as it’s half written from the dad’s perspective (and if you get it for him it’s a gift for you too – hahahahah!)

I decided not to attend LuAnn’s single release as we were previously double booked at an event thrown by a friend of ours off camera. While we have some great friendships with cast member that are very real, we also are not going to blow off a behind-the-scenes friend just for extra airtime. Watching the party I’m glad we didn’t go; as usual others took the opportunity to make it all about themselves, which I feel took away from LuAnn’s performance.

Ramona and Mario were two absolutely gorgeous and in love peas-in-a-pod the night of their vow renewal; beautiful vows and I cracked up watching the doggie drama. If Simon and I decide to renew our vows one of these days, our two cats will not be invited! The Pierre is such a beautiful place and so romantic – if you don’t live in New York be sure to go and have a drink there when you visit. It’s right across the street from where Maxim’s used to be – sadly they’ve now closed in NYC but the original Paris restaurant looks identical to the Madison Avenue one where Simon and I were married 10 years ago.


It was so touching to have a moment with Ramona and Bethenny. Who knew that over a year we’d go from anger to second chances to shared experiences to friendship?!? I truly cherish my relationships with both of them.

Jill is ... Jill. Given what she has said in the press up until April of this year, I really don’t think she is all that concerned about repairing her relationship with Bethenny – her relationship with the public is another story. I’ll give her this; she is a phenomenal spin doctor - watch what happens at the reunion. I wasn’t surprised at all when she walked away from me; it’s typical.

From where I sit in my Brooklyn office in the basement on a wet, rainy Wednesday in June, I do not think that Jill and Bethenny will make up. And really, I wouldn’t mind if they did – I don’t like to see people fighting. However, I don’t see it happening.

This season has been such a wild ride. For myself, I learned that sometimes when you deal with people who just don’t or can’t listen, sometimes you have to hit them over the head with a verbal two-by-four in order to make yourself heard. In reality TV sometimes walking away from unpleasant situations causes people to get the wrong idea – ie that their behavior is acceptable or that you’re afraid to call people on the carpet when they do or say things that are not OK. I usually give people chances until I bleed, but eventually you have to change tactics if what you’ve done before isn’t working. I used to excuse myself. Unfortunately people assumed I was a pushover because of it, so the one thing I’ve learned this season is that if you don’t tell people what you think, they will make assumptions that are almost always wrong. Fasten your seat belts for the reunion!

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