Only the Best

Only the Best

Aviva tries to see the good in people, but ponders Ramona's attitude.

Thank you for watching the show and for your comments! Always helpful!

I made it to the rooftop. Yeah!!! What a glorious Saturday afternoon it was.

While we were in the car enroute to Jimmy's Rooftop, I mentioned to the girls that Reid was nearby with one of the children at the downtown Apple Store. When the ladies heard Reid was near, they begged me to ask him to join us. And so I did. Contrary to the hilarious I Dream of Jeannie reference, I did not make Reid instantly materialize. That can only be done on TV. Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind having Jeannie's magical blink -- how fabulous would it be to summon and dismiss others instantaneously with the wave of my lashes? Hmmmm, this trick might have come in handy during the season. . .

I hope you enjoyed watching my favorite night time routine with my children. Bath time! They are small for such a short time; I just try to savor every moment I can with them. The scene with Reid and Hudson shaving melts me every time. Unfortunately, my big mouth nearly derails the moment when I make a rather ridiculous comment referencing stay-at-home moms. It had been a long day, and I was exhausted. I fear the impression I gave seemed to pit women working outside the home against stay-at-home moms. That is the last thing I meant to do. I know that women work for economic reasons and/or for self-fulfilling purposes. It is hard enough trying to be a competent parent without having to endure others' uninformed comments and judgments about our circumstances. Moms should support each other's choices and refuse to be drawn into fruitless debate about which life choice is preferred.

So, the girls convinced me that my views on men wearing wedding rings were a bit askew. I was excited to take Ramona with me to shop for Reid's ring, since Ramona does know quite a bit about jewelry. Imagine my shock, however, when Heather called and invited me to London with Ramona STANDING RIGHT THERE! Talk about overwhelming. Most surprising was that Ramona was so exasperated that I wanted to speak to Reid before deciding whether I should go away on the trip. We have four children under the age of 11 and going away on a girls' trip is not so easy for me to do without first confirming that Reid is available to leave work early and to do all of the other minutiae that keeps the wheels on the track. I am sure Ramona has at times determined that her duties as a mother are more important than her desire to chug bottles of Pinot with her girlfriends. So Ramona why so shocked???

Truth be told, I was so uncomfortable when Ramona began imitating Heather while Heather was talking. Her antics were that of an nine year old and wholly inappropriate for a woman in her fifties. . .

When the phone rang and I picked it up on speaker. I had no idea Heather would be inviting me to London and possibly excluding Ramona. I felt terrible that I did not let Heather know that Ramona was in the room. It all happened so fast. I also felt badly that Ramona had to hear that conversation. Later in the day, I called Heather to tell her that Ramona was privy to the phone conversation, which included the London invite. What a mess.

One of my strengths (and possibly a weakness) is that I see only the best in a person when I meet someone new. Maybe Carole is right, I am a fan of everyone when I first meet them. I give them the benefit of the doubt, and I believe in the goodness of people. Sometimes to my own detriment. When Carole introduced me to Karen Duffy, I was embarrassed that I did not recognize her right away as her story is a moving one.

Karen Duffy, a former MTV VJ, lives with a disease called Sarcoidosis. She wrote brilliantly about her plight in her memoir, Model Patient: My Life as an Incurable Wise-Ass. She is a great example of courage and strength.

Next I meet Ranjana! Ranjana was a model in the '70s! She looks incredible. What a beautiful woman inside and out. And, can you believe what we women do for beauty!?! From injecting botulism into our faces, placenta facials, and a buffet of the latest creams and elixirs, NOW we are being asked to make fish faces in the middle of an elegant NYC cocktail party! And we all make them! Lovely.

Keeping it all in perspective, the highlight of my week was attending and speaking at the Challenged Athletes Foundation. I presented a hero -- a nine-year-old girl who lost both limbs as an infant, named Haven Shepard. If she can continue to thrive, I am confident that we can all rise above some of life's silliness.

Thank you for all your support, and kindness!
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