Welcome to My Life

Welcome to My Life

Aviva admits she failed as a matchmaker and defines "wet" for Ramona.

My father is so embarrassing and Ramona is so controlling. Welcome to my life.

When people travel, they forget things. Some forget a toothbrush, a blowdryer, or even their favorite earrings. I forgot my swimming leg. Is it my age? The blonde hair? The four kids? How could I forget something so important?

Arriving to Ranjana's pool, I was about to turn back because I feel like I am going to fall off the roof due to high anxiety. As the dizziness and vertigo have sufficiently set in, Ramona luckily distracts me by putting a LOT of focus on my swimming situation. Not sure if that was a blessing or a curse? Her behavior certaintly got me out of my own head fast.

Here I am about to get into a pool with a bunch of women and Ramona starts to go on and on about whether or not I should go swimming. Then as soon as I am in the pool, Ramona soon enough is insisting that I get out of the pool because my leg is going to get too wet? Once something is wet, it's wet. . .Am I missing something here? Ranjana certainly didn't! This trip caused me to get somewhat annoyed with Ramona. She was controlling my swimming activities, the dinner party food flow, the dinner party conversation, and even threw me out of a bathroom in my own home. I was disappointed and and my patience was lessening. . .

Sonja is baffling. She talks about sex at Ranjana's pool. She is talking about showering and sleeping in bed with Ramona. She doesn't wear underwear with short dresses and flashes our husbands constantly. Did you see her flirting with the contractor at her house and laying on the bed a few weeks ago ? I am wondering about the authenticity of this sexuality. Is it all talk? Is it an act for attention?

I was excited to set Sonja up with my dad. Sonja's ex-husband was 30 years her senior so there was no age issue here. (Her ex-husband is about 80 years old) She seems to have a tolerance for inappropriate characters such as Ramona, her BFF, and my father is quite unfiltered. My reasoning to set Sonja up with my dad were thought through. . . What was the worst that could happen? A one-night stand? I am sure it wouldn't be the first time for either of them.

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Carole's First Squirting Orgasm

Did you see when we were walking towards the hot tub, Ramona asked me if my dad thinks we were all crazy??? I was more worried that the ladies would think he was crazy. Bottom line -- we are all nuts.

My father is my father. He is he only one I have. Don't be totally taken by his horn-dog animations. He is a fiercely protective father. Growing up he was a a providing, nurturing, caring, loving, and protective dad. He was a wonderful husband to my mother. Throughout their marriage, they were madly in love and devoted to one another. My German, stunning mother was the elegance and grace that balanced his roughness.

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George's Boner

Overall while my dad and Sonja did not have a love connection, everyone laughed and had a great time. Looks like my father may have fancied Carole a bit more. (Thank goodness that raunchy comment by my father landed on Carole. She is always so calm and collected and let's a great deal roll off her back.) I think that Sonja handled my father like a trooper, as well. I appreciate that Sonja was so good natured with my fathers antics. . .Maybe I just don't have a future as a matchmaker. . .

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