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Kristen: I Am Having Sex With My Husband

Kristen explains that while she really did almost go home with Elvis, she is very much happy and in love with Josh.

OK. . .Everybody. . .back up. I am warmed up. . .

How did this Episode get so sexual? All the BJ talk, threesome talk, sex while pregnant talk -- or lack thereof?

Just to clear things up: I do have sex with my husband and do the other stuff, just not as much as he would like. Yes this is all TMI I know, BUT I am done having kids. I do not want to go on birth control, and I feel like it's his turn. He should get a vasectomy. Please try and remember that we have two small kids, live in an NYC apartment, and my hubby is out quite a bit in the evenings. When are we having sex people? And the sex while prego thing, I hear people LOVE it -- but not me.

Ramona is back, trying to fix the big mess. Good for her. We are so over it. She is the only one trying to at this point.

I am happy that Aviva and Heather sat down to work through their issues. Wait. . .what were they again? Oh right, they just don’t like each other? Mmmmmm good luck working that out. . .That's going to be a hard one. Oh, nope they worked it out. They both agreed to not like each other. Phew. . .


What's up with the lunches and dinners with Aviva always starting with the rain and thunder? Anyone else notice that? Daaaahn Daaaahn Daaan. . .

Lunch with the #RHOBH Ladies: SO much fun to see these girls and hang in NYC! Yolanda is just gorgeous and so sweet.

It was fun rehashing about my bachlorette weekend. B was right. I -- for real -- almost left with the impersonator. I do not think you get it when I say I have an obsession!!! I really do LOVE Elvis Presley. Ahhh and this guy was just soo good. Sounded and looked just like him! What happens in Vegas. . .stays in Vegas. . .


Heather's Party: Beautiful Party. Heather and John are just so wonderful together, so in LOVE. Not to compare, but we are all different. Josh and I are very much happy and in love. We just have our moments. . .I HATE when he is late and doesn't communicate it to me. That night, perfect example. We agreed to meet at the party. He called me five minutes before I was leaving to say come get me and we will go together. I am very set in my ways and scheduled. I didn't want to be late. Ugggggh he just beats to his own drum sometimes. And, well, just every once in a while I want him to remember work will come and go and his wife and family are forever.

The therapy thing. . .I had been seeing some one off-and-on for a bit. He finally agreed to go to therapy, so I asked my girl. It was harmless, he saw her one time. She helped, it's not a big deal. It was a little wifey white lie that's all. No harm, no foul. They eventually find out. . .when you shoot a reality show.

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