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Kristen: I Am Having Sex With My Husband

Kristen explains that while she really did almost go home with Elvis, she is very much happy and in love with Josh.

By Kristen Taekman

OK. . .Everybody. . .back up. I am warmed up. . .

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How did this Episode get so sexual? All the BJ talk, threesome talk, sex while pregnant talk -- or lack thereof?

Just to clear things up: I do have sex with my husband and do the other stuff, just not as much as he would like. Yes this is all TMI I know, BUT I am done having kids. I do not want to go on birth control, and I feel like it's his turn. He should get a vasectomy. Please try and remember that we have two small kids, live in an NYC apartment, and my hubby is out quite a bit in the evenings. When are we having sex people? And the sex while prego thing, I hear people LOVE it -- but not me.

Ramona is back, trying to fix the big mess. Good for her. We are so over it. She is the only one trying to at this point.

I am happy that Aviva and Heather sat down to work through their issues. Wait. . .what were they again? Oh right, they just don’t like each other? Mmmmmm good luck working that out. . .That's going to be a hard one. Oh, nope they worked it out. They both agreed to not like each other. Phew. . .


What's up with the lunches and dinners with Aviva always starting with the rain and thunder? Anyone else notice that? Daaaahn Daaaahn Daaan. . .

Lunch with the #RHOBH Ladies: SO much fun to see these girls and hang in NYC! Yolanda is just gorgeous and so sweet.

It was fun rehashing about my bachlorette weekend. B was right. I -- for real -- almost left with the impersonator. I do not think you get it when I say I have an obsession!!! I really do LOVE Elvis Presley. Ahhh and this guy was just soo good. Sounded and looked just like him! What happens in Vegas. . .stays in Vegas. . .


Heather's Party: Beautiful Party. Heather and John are just so wonderful together, so in LOVE. Not to compare, but we are all different. Josh and I are very much happy and in love. We just have our moments. . .I HATE when he is late and doesn't communicate it to me. That night, perfect example. We agreed to meet at the party. He called me five minutes before I was leaving to say come get me and we will go together. I am very set in my ways and scheduled. I didn't want to be late. Ugggggh he just beats to his own drum sometimes. And, well, just every once in a while I want him to remember work will come and go and his wife and family are forever.

The therapy thing. . .I had been seeing some one off-and-on for a bit. He finally agreed to go to therapy, so I asked my girl. It was harmless, he saw her one time. She helped, it's not a big deal. It was a little wifey white lie that's all. No harm, no foul. They eventually find out. . .when you shoot a reality show.

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