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LuAnn: Aviva Horrified Me

LuAnn de Lesseps weighs in on her tiff with Aviva Drescher.

By Luann de Lesseps

I loved Saratoga and winning at the races was a bonding experience for life! I'm happy that Sonja didn't leave. I knew she wouldn't! We tried reverse psychology and it worked. I'm sure she saved up all that gas just to get back at us. Strategic I have to say!

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I suppose I should have been worried about Sonja, but I knew she was on a mission to have fun and she was in good hands with all of us around her. When she tried to kiss me but fell into my lap and exposed herself, I knew it was time to go!


Back to NYC where there is no shortage of ladies who lunch for a cause. I've been involved with many charitable organizations, and Look Good Feel Better is a great one, which helps women with cancer. My good friend Camille Passaro from Muse apparel was wonderful  enough to give us dresses to auction off to raise money for the charity. Hollywood Life hosted the event with me, and Bonnie Fuller truly made a heartfelt speech about her own experiences with cancer. It was such a lovely day with a great group of ladies. We had a wonderful fashion show about to start when I got wind of what was happening at the next table. I thought it was so rude the ladies were talking while Bonnie was trying to speak.

At first I thought it was just the usual conversation talking about sex, but not in my wildest dreams did I think it was all about George and his sexcapades! I was grossed out when I learned that was the topic! Really, who would share their own Father's sordid affairs with ladies at a charity luncheon for cancer? That is something I would try and hide, not put on the table for all to see.

I was so happy when the fashion show started so I could reveal my mystery guest. Kelly and I are still friends and she so generously donated her time as did Kristen to model for the event! They really looked amazing and are great models. I loved how Carole was in competition with Aviva and drove up the price of that beautiful dress. It was fun to watch her take great pleasure in making her spend more. I was happy because we raised a lot for a great cause! I never invited the ex Miss USA to the luncheon, so of course I assumed it was Aviva who did.

I thought Ramona was pretty daring to go over to Miss USA and grill her about her night with George. Who else but Ramona would do such a thing? It seemed to me that she was innocent, I don't think she spent the night with George. I think that George likes to brag and even has his own daughter believing it. The whole thing is creepy! Even more creepy than the facialist's story.If I had a facialist in my home that would gossip like that, I would show them the door. She was telling Sonja about where and who she's been with? Why would anyone like to hear they are being spied on and talked about? Then she goes on to tell tales about Carole and myself that are not true! Sonja just sat there and thought it was amusing. I don't think so! Carole and I both were disappointed by Sonja's reaction. I think it's GROSS that she didn't deny either way that she slept with Carole's boyfriend!

I was pleased when Aviva invited me to her art party and included Victoria's work. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to discuss her lack of timing at my ladies luncheon. She was texting ex Miss USA's name around, so of course I assumed she invited her. I never expected the response I got from her though. Instead of being embarrassed for sharing her text message, she was defensive. Aviva bringing up my daughter's art work in the same sentence as George just horrified me. How could she compare her father's sexcapades to my daughters artwork? Doesn't Aviva know the basics of art and how the human body has been used since the beginning of time?


I'm looking forward to seeing our trip to Montana.

Until then... Bisous!


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